Well, moving day is over, sort of. This blog is now at it’s new home. Due to the way the transfer process works, some images did not make the trip. When I have some spare time, I will edit the various entries and either eliminate images or replace them as I see fit.

Stay tuned



  • Guest says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done here. Glad to hear you’re getting back to what you really want to do!

  • Joyce says:

    So will you be removing all the lies and vengeful post youve done as well? Many already have. True healing can only come when that happens. For God’s sake while we’re at it, dont bite the bait they’ll feed you.

    • All I have done here is defend myself from THE LIES TOLD ABOUT ME. I will be removing nothing from this blog. What I have put here is the truth and my opinions. I have seen NO effort by ANYONE to remove the mountain of lies in the LARGE number of blogs put up defaming me as well as countless videos, demeaning photos and even a falsified press release. This along with the attempts to get my name turned into Anonymous ops dealing with accused with doxing accused pedophiles. I have been accused of the MURDER of at least THREE still missing children.
      ALL the accusations against me have been proven FALSE BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.
      I am not some major criminal that has gotten away with any kind of crime, The worst accusation against me are a number of pm’s attributed to me that were created out of thin air by someone who affiliated himself with Anonymous. For that I have had revenge porn used against me by those who are against the practice (or so they say)
      Then we have the donations issue. The accusations here were also NOT TRUE and I was being accused of something that is perfectly legal. I could have LEGALLY set up a donation option if I had chosen to do so and not have one dime of tax liability.
      Not only has the criticism of Shadowrapz for doing so been mild in comparison, he was able to collect tens of thousands of dollars in donations TAX FREE off the back of a rape survivor.

      I have seen NO effort to REMOVE all of the defamatory youtube posts about me. I see NO effort to remove the Murthavenflorida account on youtube which is deliberate sabotage of my efforts to put up my Murthavenflorida stream page and blog. I have seen NO EFFORT to have the URL changed from the defamatory blog about me on Just the URL, not remove the blog.
      My haters cannot even do that.
      Both of the latter were to be entertainment sites that would have gotten away from where we have been for the past 6 years.
      If McKee, Goddard, and members of Anonymous HAD MINDED THEIR OWN BUSINESS, I would not have needed to write this blog. It is a product of THEIR creation.
      What is at work here is a double standard. I can do no right and they can do no wrong. Everyone is free to mock me and defame me and if I defend myself, I get accused of STALKING.
      Those who accuse me of stalking put up the full name and address of not only me, but of my entire family and my girlfriend. I do not have the right to do the same to THEM. How unbalanced is that?
      I have bloggers reading every single thing I post and it winds up in their blog with false narratives added.
      If someone declares their support of me, they are attacked to the point of silence. Others are tricked into turning against me under the false premise that I broke some rule when they themselves break the exact same rules.
      To sum up I am required to follow the rules that they REFUSE to follow. I am made to be accountable for my actions where they refuse to be made to be made accountable for their actions.
      I chose NOT to HIDE and keep myself out in the open.
      THEY chose to hide behind secret identities and countless sock puppet names.
      THEY choose to impersonate me and others. I do not impersonate anyone.
      When I complain about impersonation, someone makes dumb videos citing Copyright and trademark laws and lie about it being the name of a grandmother or some kind of code name.
      Haters are going to hate and liars are going to lie..
      I have simply given up on trying to get people to tell the truth and leave me alone. They are simply not capable of doing that so there is no point in trying to reason with them or with you for that matter.


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