canadaflagnospeechusflagontheairanonmaskHere we go again with the sock puppet mind games. “Someone” decided to release what is claimed to be a series of message between me and this person. What is interesting about these messages is in the process of trying to label me as a “traitor” the person is actually mirroring the same exact words the blogger has used itself when addressing some of the individuals in those unauthenticated screenshots. One was her own Guest writer and the other was someone that used to have a great deal of support by the blogger until one of its “guest” authors decided to question some of the claims made by that person.

A couple of the screenshots contain statements by me that even though strong disagreements remain between me and the individuals within those screenshots that we have agreed to remain cordial despite our disagreements. I stand by those screenshots. My sole purpose for creating this blog and my efforts over the years has been to dispel the lies about me and to respond to those same lies.

Rather then understand what I am trying to do, both the blogger and this latest sock puppet have decided to flame the fires of the defamation of me rather than put a stop to it and move on. It seems to be their only purpose in life.

I would really like to know what the blogger would do if someday her son (if one even exists. I have my doubts) were to become the target of the same kind of attack I  have at the hands of his “mother” simply because he had an opinion someone did not like or engage in a project that, while legal, someone did not approve of.

It would seem that the United States of America is NOT “the land of the free and home of the brave. The United states is also NOT a country where we celebrate diversity in culture and opinion.

The United States has, instead, become a country of conformity. Everyone has to conform. What people have to conform to is not determined by the government and legislature but by on line vigilantes who will exert whatever resources, skill and power that is at their disposal to exert their will on the masses.

If this trend is allowed to continue, freedom of speech will be reserved only to a powerful few who control what is said.

Stay tuned



  • So, does this mean the emails went down with the ship and the sock puppet all at the same time.. And we didn’t get to read them.. You know when your busy and can’t get online you miss things.. Did anyone by chance get photo copies.. Have a good one.. I need to settle down for awhile and rest.. Night..

  • Murtwitnessone says:

    It sent them to Radio minus the header. Rest assured if they get published, BOTH sides of the conversations will be posted.


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