shawnioPeople have often wondered why I do not like Anonymous. One answer to this question can be found in one Anonymous who went by the username Shawnio. Now Shawn was not the kind of person you would find behind the plastic mask that symbolizes Anonymous. Shawn was one of those trolls that one might consider a newfag that was not quite anonymous but was a troll nonetheless. It is probably why Shawn was so easily caught.









This little tale goes back to a spat between Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio and one Tracy Roddy, aka Shortbusdude. It seems at one time these two jokers liked to pull pranks on people who were on Blogtv and also on Ustream. Tracey liked to make phone calls pretending to be FBI agents and Shawn used to like to call taxi companies and dispatch cabs to bogus addresses. Shawn also liked to call suicide hot lines and pretend to be someone he had a beef with and tell the suicide help volunteer that he was that person and on the verge of committing suicide. He would end the call with a sound effect of a gun going off and hang up the phone. Needless to say this caused a bit of grief for the volunteer.

Shawnio also used to like to make fake police reports. He once called the Lake County Sheriff’s department one halloween and made a report. That was the beginning of his downfall.. It seems that Mr McQuaid had a problem with an American who entered into Canada and was engaging in actions that he and a group of his fellow did not approve of. He began to stalk and then impersonate the woman. I learned of this when the woman contacted me and told me that we had a mutual problem.

The woman went on to press charges as did a taxi company and several other victims of his antics over the years. In a panic Mr McQuaid contacted me and we worked out a bit of a deal. He promised to quit writing about me and asked me if I would take certain material about him off of my blogs. I did so and he in turn did the same. Unfortunately he could not remove all of what he had done since he had also done a Ripoffreport.com of me using the Canadian woman’s name.

Now this little article would not have been necessary if a certain confessed troll had done a little bit of homework. He would have learned quite a lot about Shortbusdude, Shawnio, and a few other characters in this little play. Holly Briley was partly right when she said that Tracy Roddy had been behind some of the antics on twitter and elsewhere. What she did not know is that Shawnio was doing the exact same thing both to her and eventually to Tracey Roddy.

Some of you might remember that I have accused certain bloggers of being in concert with an accused pedophile. Well, they were weather they knew it or now. The link is above but this is an excerpt for those who are too lazy to read it:


There is no honor among the trolls, the hackers and even Anonymous. These people will turn on each other in a split second for no other reason than for the lulz. Someone from the panhandle has learned that the hard way.

Stay tuned



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