The confessed troll who seems to be obsessed with me as he guest writes over at the well known cyber abuse blog has made yet another lie of omission. In this a screen shot from around 6 YEARS ago the troll posts what he THINKS is a threat. What he FAILS to bring out is that the woman threatened to do the same exact same thing to me. I was trying to make the point that it was not such a bright idea for people to be going out making threats to publish the full contact information for people on line just because you might be pissed off at the other person.


There is an interesting sidebar to this little tale. Someone once made a wise crack concerning a photo I took of the apartment where Melinda used to live with Trenton. This same woman, along with a friend were seen in a picture PEEKING INTO THE WINDOW OF TRENTON’S room. Now at the time, nobody seemed concerned about their actions. The same woman also published a series of photos where she demonstrated how to Melinda Duckett committed suicide using her grandfather’s shotgun. One rather umm, odd photo with her sticking the shotgun in her mouth was actually made into a poster and resided for years in an Amerillo Texas bar frequented by NRA members. The poster was captioned “I love my gun”

The net resultĀ  of that post was that EVERYONE came to the agreement not to engage in a practice that would, several years later become commonplace. I am surprised that the troll would make such an issue out of a practice he condones. It is another “see I told you so” moment as I warned everyone back then that if someone starts the practice of publishing people’s information on the internet, then EVERYONE would be doing it.

The art of Doxing, which is the trademark of Anonymous and a certain Atlanta based blog is now commonplace.

Stay tuned



  • Guest says:

    You have a lot of patience.

    • Murtwitnessone says:

      The best things come to those who wait. What is important is that the troll did not do his homework. It was the woman who first made the threat to publish not only my address, she also threatened to publish my phone number, which was unlisted. There was the same game of people running around outing each other. For some reason, people thinks it is necessary to post the contact information of people they have issues with. There were incidents of this going back to at least 2005 when people were debating cases on a forum called Sticks of Fire out of Tampa Florida.
      The same thing is being done now, but with advances in technology and access to a great deal of information, the process is much easier and more thorough. This magnifies the damage caused by this practice many fold. Since far more people are accessing the internet, more people are seeing what is being posted making the damage that much worse. Finally current and future employers now have access to this information and in most circumstances this information, true or not will ruin an applicants chances of obtaining employment.

      This is what happened to me. I have lost a business as well as the ability to obtain work. Any employer who Googles my name will not hire me. It is the reason I am on Social Security.


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