Pops posted on Twitter to me something rather curious. He used the term #tango down. So what does this mean? Well in Anonymous parlance, it is a form of a denial of service attack. When members of Anonymous breaks into websites and disables them, they use the term #tangodown. It seems that Pops has decided since he cannot win a debate with me, he will use some means to shut me down.

This demonstrates that Pops does not believe in free speech and will do anything to shut down anyone who stands up to him.

Stay tuned



  • Guest says:

    Pops needs to stop. Levi (Executioner) needs to stop. Radio needs to stop.

  • Murtwitnessone says:

    They will never stop. They are already seeking out their next target. People like Radio and Pops do not believe in freedom and diversity.They only believe in their power, right or wrong, to impose their will on others.
    If they do not like you or what you do or say, they will work to defeat you. Freedom of speech comes only to those who are able to rise up to overcome the oppression against them.


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