nospeechFive years ago today, a small group started a smear campaign against this writer. Lies were told about me and acts of oppression were directed at me with the specific purpose of denying me the rights that are afforded to me and all others under the laws of this country. I decided to fight this group. The harder I fought them, the harder they fought back. Finally, after all these years, I have decided to give up. I am but one individual who does not have the resources to fight the kind of people who are willing to use any means necessary to deny the rights of me and others simply because they are able to do so.

Today, there are those celebrating the fact that I have given up the fight and that the lies against me will stand unopposed. These people should enjoy their victory for it will be short lived. Some day, someone will do to them as was done to me. There is always someone in the wings who want to deceive and to deny the rights of others do do what this country was founded to let them do. They may blog in protest, but there will be nobody around to listen to them.

That is because they drove all who would listen away.

There is a poem written by a pastor that gets passed around that addresses what happens when there is apathy when it comes to someone’s loss of freedom:


Nothing has changed.

Stay tuned









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