cnnpopspastebinI am not a media darling from Central Tenn who has appeared on CNN, I am not a person who claims to be a spokesperson for rape survivors from ohio. I am but a retired truck driver with less than a dozen readers on this blog that has been fighting what has to be one of the most intense and organized internet smear campaigns that anyone has ever seen. There are dozens of twitter accounts, blogs, file sharing accounts and now several pastebin dox’s by a small group of people intent on not only driving me completely off of the internet, but perhaps see physical harm to be done to me as well.

This is an excerpt of a threat I received on Facebook:

“they’ll research & pull up stuff on you and people will be so mortified about your life & your family & your associates. I will desecrate you online. Also, beware of the press that know me, they’re the best and they will hunt down and research every nook and cranny of your life.”

TWITTERLOGOPASTEBINThese efforts are being made in spite of my decision to quit the losing war of trying to repair my reputation that has been damaged by complete strangers. The mistake I have made is to care for the missing children out there. I am paying the price for free speech. I am paying the price for taking advantage of the rights afforded to me by the laws of this country.

I am now at a point where my safety and security is seriously at risk. I already receive scores of death threats and calls for me to commit suicide. These calls are so frequent that  my voice mail is full. I get these calls 24/7. These calls have intensified since the most recent dox was created just a short time ago. The CNN darling as well as other cyber abusers soon retweeted this same personal information and then demanded I not mention THEIR names after doing so.

Although the CNN guest host has retweeted this information, he has demanded that HIS name not appear in this blog. He has stated that if I were to mention his name in regards to his retweet, that he would go back my entire 63 years and find whatever he can to ruin whatever is left of my life.

This is the mentality that exists on the internet today. The frequency and intensity of these kind of attacks threatens to disrupt and end the intense debates that was on the internet was first made accessible to the public.

The spoilers have arrived and the decay of the internet continues.

If this blog should suddenly vanish off of the internet or I become another victim of vigilantes intent on ending not only my internet presence but my life as well, I bid you a fond farewell in advance.

Stay tuned for as long as I can survive



  • Guest says:


    Stop what you’re doing. That goes for your associate Pops also.

  • Guest says:

    EOS in south Florida – Levi (Executioner) – Pops – all working together in an attempt to terrorize others online.

    The rest of the crew includes – Alex Goddard and Michelle McKee.

    We see you.

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