In his effort to place my safety and security at risk, a former member of the Anonymous cyber terrorist group known as has posted a dox of me on pastebin. He is doing so in clear violation of their terms of service. Pastebin rules clearly prohibit posting the kind of information that Popsbackup has made about me. Breaking the rules does not seem to bother this cyber abuser. He and his Anonymous friends have done this for years.


This individual is typical of Anonymous. He is a loner who lives with his parents and seems to spend the bulk of his time on the internet harassing whomever he decides to target. In this case it is me. He is making false statements about me using manufactured files that Law enforcement determined to be fake way back in 2008. This is not the first time he has targeted someone and it will not be the last.

It seems that the only way that people like this individual will learn his lesson is when someone is killed or injured due to his actions.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here



  • Guest says:

    EOS: Why is an attorney in south Florida following @PopsBackUp on twitter? Does he get bonuses for doing the dirty work?

    Levi(EXECUTIONER) Why are you associating with @PopsBackUp and attempting to terrorize others?

  • Guest says:

    EOS in south Florida – Levi (Executioner) – Pops – all working together in an attempt to terrorize others online.

    The rest of the crew includes – Alex Goddard and Michelle McKee.

    We see you.

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