A short while back in the midst of his stalking of me, @Popsbackup denied that he was an informant to the feds regarding Kyanonymous and other former and current anonymous members. This has turned out to be a lie. Under his Knightsec account on Pastebin he clearly states that he wrote to the FBI about Kyanonymous in December. A few short months later Kyanonymous was raided and now faces federal charges relating to unlawful computer hacking. He could face at least a decade in federal prison. It has been rumored that Ky himself is informing to the feds in a bid to mitigate the seriousness of the charges against him.


Another thing to note in the pastebin account is that Popsbackup retains the Anonymous handle on the account although he claims no longer to be part of Anonymous. This is a bit of a lie since he remains closely associated with Anonymous and thus is still part of the cyber abuse group.

It is also to be noted that for the third time Popsbackup has VIOLATED the terms of service of Pastebin. It seems this individual will break any rule or any law in order to stalk and  make false statements about his targets. He is well known for this practice and has earned the ire of many current and former members of Anonymous.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able


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  • Guest says:

    Wonder if @PopsBackUp receives bonuses for his cyber activities.

    EOS_03 – No big surprise that you were the first of the gang to follow PopsBackUp.

    We see you.

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