pophousepopsssnthreatAn interesting comment was made today on Twitter. Someone accused me of using this photo as intimidation. Oh really? The photo was put up with no comment about where it was or who it may be connected with. It was simply a fuzzy satellite image of several houses as seen on Google earth. The same person then posted a photo of a house saying it was mine. Well, there are a number of problems here. First of all, if this is intimidation then this accusation also falls on a number of people.


This tactic was used as far back as 2008 by several people. In one instance, a South Florida woman came to my house and took several pictures of my house in Sorrento. The same woman had also taken photos of my former Ocala Florida dealership branch location.

Next, a blogger who has been stalking me since at least 2008 pulled up satellite images of my property in Sorrento and wrote extensively about it. The intimidation did not stop there. As the years went by, this woman would post more photos of my house. These photos were made by a woman who came all the way from Phoenix Arizona to take photos of my home. This  person also altered these photos in a blog targeting me exclusively.

Now, another incident of this nature occurred this summer on a blog out of Atlanta, Ga. The owner of the blog posted detailed photos of a house said to be the residence of someone it felt was behind the ownership of another blog. It turns out that the author is wrong and knows it. Despite this error, the photo remains on the blog, along with photos of several people that have been stolen off their personal social media accounts without their permission. Efforts to get these photos removed from the blog have failed because the owner of the blog has taken measures to make efforts to do so extremely difficult if not impossible.

The point here is this person and others are accusing me of doing things that they themselves have been doing long before I had even heard of them. They also do things that I do NOT do, such as revenge porn and porn that involves altering images. These people delve into their target’s personal lives. They target their spouses and their children. These people call employers to have them fired. They call customers and tell them not to do business with them. One of the most recent targets of these people is a woman who has been an employee of a local law enforcement agency for a couple of decades.

And then these people have the audacity to accuse me of doing what they have done and more?

I would suggest that those reading what the others post, that they take a close look at what they post and then compare it with what I post. I think you will find it is they who are the guilty parties and that I am only using SOME tactics against them that they have used against me and others for YEARS.

In other words, I started playing by THEIR rules.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here



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  • Guest says:

    EOS in south Florida – Levi (Executioner) – Pops – all working together in an attempt to terrorize others online.

    The rest of the crew includes – Alex Goddard and Michelle McKee.

    We see you.

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