popsssnthreatIt seems that there are a number of fairly well known individuals who have befriended someone who boasts the ability to obtain social security numbers as well as credit card information. This is something that Anonymous is known for and why they are on the federal watch list. Now in the denials that are certain to come from this individual there has to be this question. If one does not have the ability to obtain Social Security numbers or Credit Card information, why boast at the ability to do so?

This individual has already demonstrated his ability to find phone numbers and other personal information on his victims. Also, considering just who it is that associates with this person, one might question their motives behind that association and thus wonder if it is one or more of these persons who is supplying him with this information.

Be reminded that Lawyers have access to Lexis and it is possible to get credit and SSN information through these kinds of databases. Also to consider, who among this individual’s following/follwer list on twitter is employed in the credit reporting industry or own or employed in a business who could run a credit check under a merchant account?

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here.



  • Guest says:

    EOS_03: How is the weather in south Florida? Why is such a highly ethical professional associating with @PopsBackUp?

    Levi(EXECUTIONER: Why are you associating with PopsBackUp and attempting to terrorize Murt and others?

    • Murtwitnessone says:

      One would have to consider if he is being paid by someone to do what he is doing. He seems to have a lot of unusual resources for someone so young. He claims to be broke yet has a cell, a lap top, a real nice vehicle and internet access, among other assets.
      Someone who makes threats of this nature usually attract those who might find those kinds of services useful. Also, one might want to find out who is lawyer is. It might answer a lot of questions.


  • Guest says:

    EOS_03: What about your stellar career? What about all those awards? Why are you associating with @PopsBackUp on twitter?

    Why would a professional from south Florida be associating with @PopsBackUp?

    Why would a professional from south Florida be associating with @PopsBackUp, someone who is terrorizing others online?

    Jester still doesn’t want your panties.

  • Guest says:

    EOS in south Florida – Levi (Executioner) – Pops – all working together in an attempt to terrorize others online.

    The rest of the crew includes – Alex Goddard and Michelle McKee.

    We see you.

    Thanks Murt!

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