There was what might have been a hint of things to come today with a seemingly minor event that occurred in today’s session. It was the reading of a note from the jury by Judge Perry that seemed to signal an early bond of the jurors as a close knit group that is likely to work well with each other throughout the trial.

The seemingly mundane note expressed the willingness of the jury to work on memorial day, which is a scheduled day off for the court. This note tells us this one thing. The jury has already formed into a close knit cooperative group. It is a sign that when the time comes to deliberate, this jury will do so with a minimum of fanfare and dissent.

The second thing and possibly a hint as to the outcome is how the jury is reacting to the testimony so far. If one listens to all of the talking heads, it would seem we have a jury that is going to bring a guilty plea of something. Of what exactly is not clear yet, although it would likely be a murder charge based on how negatively the talking heads seem to feel the jury is reacting to the stories being told by the witness thus far.

The continued overruling of Jose Baez’s objections and Judge Perry’s repeated admonitions to Baez cannot be sitting well with the jury. I also do not feel that his graphic accusations of George being a pedophile did not sit well with the jury either.

Time will tell if the tea leaves are correct or not.

Stay Tuned


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