One of the disadvantages of being involved in a high profile trial is the aggressive actions of the media reporters who are trying to get sound bytes for the next news segment. Today, the reporter became part of the story as a little bit of a shoving match broke out between a channel 9 reporter and the defense team as they were attempting to get back into court.

The first mishap had Jose Baez bounce off a light pole and then veer into the path of a tv cameraman causing him to dump his files into the road and utter the f-bomb at the unlucky cameraman.

The second mishap was the reporter being elbowed by an unidentified man blocking his access to Jose and Chaney Mason as they walked up the sidewalk near Champ’s restaurant and the public defenders wing.

As the shoving match continued, Chaney declared that the reporter faced a charge of battery on a senior citizen to which the reporter retorted back to him. The crush of cameras and reporters with mikes continued until the defense team was able to reach the shelter of the staff entrance of the courthouse.

It appears that there is a growing hostility toward the press by the defense team which may not be a good thing for them to do at this point considering how bad the trial is going for them.

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  • utalkn2me says:

    I think we are all smart enough to understand this child died in a terrible way. I think Casey knows exactly what happened. That being said, I still think Cindy and George are lying about something. George is going out of his way to be an asshole when sometime it is not necessary. Cindy jumps in the blink of an eye from being freaked out because Caylee;s picture is in front of her to speaking in a very clear and normal voice. As for myself, I cannot turn it off and on like a faucet. Considering her past, she is being overly laid back and calm. Just sayin……..

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