I just knew that sooner or later, that the washed up “former editor” of a crime blog would have to interject herself back into my life again as she has done since 2006. This morning I started up my stream to find that this nut had put up at least a dozen tweets in a pityfest blaming me for her troubles, yet again. This woman yet again has made the FALSE claim that I have declared that I MURDERED Trenton Duckett, this interjecting herself YET AGAIN in an OPEN missing child case.

On top of all of this, this stalker is attacking the close friend of THE MISSING BOY’S family. She has no bounds or morality when it comes to trying to salvage what is an obviously dead career. She even got involved in the Charlie Sheen intern fiasco which turned out to be a big DUD.

Now, I went and heeded the advice of some INCLUDING SOMEONE WHO CLAIMED TO BE HER SON, to not talk about her and that she would shut up and move on. Well, that did not work. I had not said one thing about this self declared recluse for ages. Not one single thing.

According to her tweets, she is going to yet again pester the Leesburg City Police department in relation to this missing child case. If she keeps this up she might find herself getting some unwanted attention since the Leesburg City Police Department is getting fed up at the nutcase bloggers who are screwing around with this OPEN investigation.

I think we have found the Pacific coast version of Casey Anthony, the only difference is that she has not killed anyone (that we know of)…..yet.

Oh well, I guess the fishing is bad in Gig Harbor.

Stay tuned

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