Well, she is at it again with her stalking, her lying and her spamming of my followers and those I am following. This is not her first time and will not be the last for this obviously washed up writer who has nothing to do but stalk a 60 year old truck driver she has never met and lives almost 3200 miles from her.

I do not know this woman. I do NOT want to know this woman. I have never heard of this woman until she BARGED into my life in 2008 and admitted on an impersonator Facebook page to have been “INVESTIGATING” me since 2006. This is 2011, which means this woman has been STALKING ME FOR FIVE YEARS!

Exactly like Casey Anthony did with her father, MLM is accusing me of being a pedophile and ADMITTING TO THE MURDER OF A CHILD! Even though the Leesburg Florida City Police Department has told her ON SEVERAL OCCASAIONS, that I am NOT a person of interest in the case and am NOT under investigation, she insists on pestering them again and again with her crank phone calls.

This woman is also causing pain and anguish to the family of the father of the missing child by making outrageous claims about the family spokeswoman and personal friend of the paternal grandmother.

Now the question is asked “how is she making these threats?” Simple really, she is using Twitter.

Her usual pattern is to post a string of tweets always making sure to put my @name in the message so they will be picked up by anyone following me or visa versa. She knows full well that someone will write to find out what the hell is going on. Her obvious goals is to get people to quit following me. UNLIKE HER, I am not looking for followers.

If people want to follow me, fine. If they do not want to follow me, fine. It is called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. What these people do have the RIGHT to is to NOT be bothered with spam or someone demeaning them for following me. That is about as UNETHICAL as it gets. I have NEVER done that to her and I do NOT intend to start, no matter what.

She also LIES about my viewing her tweets implying that I must be reading them in spite of me BLOCKING her. This is actually a LIE on her part. This shot is of my broadcast page with my Twitter chat turned on. Note that HER name is right there posting into my twitter account IN SPITE of being blocked. I DO NOT follow her and she IS blocked. So how does she manage this?

SHE GETS AROUND MY BLOCK by subscribing to and then rss feeding my Tweets to her so SHE CAN BYPASS MY BLOCK. She is SEEKING OUT MY STREAM(STALKING) TO KEEP TRACK OF ME.

In this example, you will note that the BLOCKED icon is on. This is because this is her profile information as it appears on twitter. This means that she should not be able to read my account ON TWITTER. She does NOT have me blocked. by the way.(at least as of this writing).

Since she claims to be an expert on social media, she is quite able to BYPASS BLOCKS AND BANS on the internet to STALK people.

In this example, the INNOCENT victim who had the bad luck to follow me is SPAMMED AND SMEARED by MLM because she is following me. This is very unprofessional and highly UNETHICAL. She is accused to have done the same thing to the owner of a blog she used to edit and went so far as to tell him to “bite me” due to some disagreement she had with him.

In this example, for what has to be at least the dozenth time over the last 5 years she claims that I have either driven her into an asylum or to almost commit suicide. Yeah right. She offers no proof of these accusations or even have made the attempt. The local sheriff certainly knows nothing of this. What they DO know about this woman is quite interesting indeed.

My problem is there does not seem to be anything I can do about this fruitcake. I am also not her only victim. She has gone after a world famous criminal profiler and a number of successful true crime authors and nobody seems to be able to stop her.

I am wondering what kind of extreme behavior by this person will finally wake up someone with the authority to quell her outrageous behavior before she does someone or herself great harm.

Stay Tuned



  • anonymous says:

    i have been completey out of the whole thing but can only say — Oh my gosh…. You all are crazy – all of you.!!! Those who are “taking a stand against murt” and “those who are not” You’re all messed up .. Get a fucking life is all I can say.. I’m sure it doesn’t mean much but OMG! You ALL are f’n crazy! Get a life – like I need to do…. Yup – I willl step away as a “normal person ” would do.. You ALL need some help.

      It is easy for someone who is NOT being victimized by this group to judge. You do not have people going around accusing you of MURDER and TRASHING you on a DAILY basis. It is not YOU that has been driven to FINANCIAL RUIN by a group of mentally deranged women who I HAVE NEVER MET, who I DO NOT KNOW and DO NOT CARE TO KNOW.

      I am being STALKED by women who have stated their HATE of me, who WANT ME DEAD, who put FORGED material into the hands of the State of Florida and LIE DAILY AND COMPLETELY day in and day out about me.

      Feel free to step away and just pray that someone does not trash your life the way they are trashing mine.


  • nunya says:

    Hey Murtie

    It is just pissed off that Charlie Sheen did not pick her, hell he is crazy enough without her tagging along. And she blames you for driving her crazy….I don’t think so Tim. Did you see her cough audition cough for Charlie on youtube? My goodness that is one ugly bitch. Couldn’t talk without stuttering and couldn’t tell about all her snicker famous snicker attributes without reading them. What a fraud. Don’t mind her Murt, she is just jealous that you have more followers than she has. LMFAO

  • nunya says:

    Dearest Anon,

    Yet you are here reading? Really? Go away if you don’t like it.

    • anonymous says:

      You are absolutely right, nunya… I expressed how I felt that night and should have not said anything at all, but I was caught up in the moment. It baffles me to see people who don’t even know each other do the things they are doing.

      Murt – I have no clue of everything that has been done to you, but from what I do know, I think is horrible. I’m so amazed that there are people who will purposely try to wreck people’s lives for pretty much no reason. I just wish that you would have stepped away from all the bs a long time ago and just let it pass – as I’m pretty sure it would have. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have started again as soon as you made a first post after stepping away – but I just feel that you keep yourself in the middle of it by continuing to acknowledge the antics of others…

      I will continue to read your posts and will refrain from any remarks… It’s not my position to make comments about you or anyone else for that matter. I just don’t see it stopping… (although as I write this, it seems this week has gone pretty smooth for you, so maybe there is some hope?)

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