During the trial this last Saturday, we saw a disconnect. We saw a parting of the ways. Cindy has had it sink in that Casey took her granddaughter away from her. The first indication of this disconnect was when Cindy started talking about Caylee. She started to break down when identifying Caylee’s bed and then the last photo of her, while in Mount Dora visiting her great grandfather.

Another indication of the disconnect came when Cindy left the stand during the break. Casey showed sadness, anger and a whole scope of emotions during the now famous breakdown as her mother left. She could not understand why her mother was not helping her. Why did her mother turn against her and betray her?

Finally, the biggest indication that the disconnect happened. Not once did Cindy look at Casey. All during the trial Casey was completely ignored by Cindy. Has Cindy had it? Is Cindy angry that Casey has refused to see her and feels scorned?

Or has Cindy, finally, come to the realization that Casey, killed Caylee, deliberately, with premeditation, and by herself?

Cindy now understands that she will never hold her granddaughter in her arms again.

Another answer we will have tomorrow is will we see Lee? A motion was filed to allow Lee to attend the trial with the same exemption that was granted to his parents. Lee is also a next of kin as well as a material witness for the prosecution. The trial will start at 8:30 rather than 9:00 in order for Judge Perry to hear the motion.

Week two looks like it is going to start with a bang.

Stay Tuned


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  • non says:

    I think Cindy finally realized that Casey killed Caylee.
    And I don’t think Cindy and George are too happy about Casey’s accusations against George & Lee.
    I wouldn’t want to look at that foul smug mug of Bitchface Casey either.
    She is a sociopath who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She cries victim every step of the way.

    The victim was Caylee.

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