The first day of the second week in the trial of Casey Anthony had all of us witnessing a stunning beginning when Cindy Anthony Took the stand to undergo questioning by the prosecution. Up to today everyone thought of Cindy as a strong willed, “iron lady” known for her aggressive confrontations with those she had an issue with. She was strong willed, determined and was unstoppable in her mission to first find her lost granddaughter Caylee Marie as well as come to the defense of her daughter Casey Marie, who the State of Florida accuses of being Caylee’s murder.

What we witnessed, instead, was the emotional melt down of a broken hearted grandmother who had to endure reliving those painful moments when she desperately tried to find someone to help find the answer as to what happened to Caylee. Time seemed to stand still as we watched Cindy bury her face in her hands and then disappear slowly behind the podium until all anyone saw was a wisp of her blonde hair above the edge all the while listening to her panic stricken voice of three years ago as she talked to the OCSO 911 operator.

This was an episode that was enough to bring this 60 year old truck driver to tears. A million minds were also changed by the events today. Cindy, up to this point had angered many with her stubbern determination to defend her daughter and not come to the realization that Cayee was dead. Now all of us have seen Cindy as a loving grandmother trying to come to terms with the events that brought her to collapse in heartbreak on national television.

Whatever happens from this day forward, that image of Cindy will be burned into all of our memories along with the stone faced Casey as we watched the split screen of her and her mother during that part of the trial. It is almost a certainty the impression all of this has left on the jury.

Little Caylee Anthony is not the only victim of Casey’s actions. Cindy, and the rest of her family and many others are victims as well.

I would hope those out there would think of Cindy and those who pray, reserve one for her.


Stay Tuned



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