If the defense plans hold, tomorrow should be an interesting day as a blockbuster witness is scheduled to take the stand and give the talking heads and chats something to talk about.

The alleged mistress of George Anthony is likely to be called to the stand to bolster claims made by the defense in their opening statement.


The witness is expected to testify the George told her that Caylee died in an accident. This statement was purported to have been made long BEFORE Caylee was found thus this woman is testifying that George Anthony KNEW MONTHS BEFORE Caylee was found that she was already dead and did not tell ANYONE other than his extramarital lover.


The mistress is also expected to testify that her and George had an INTIMATE affair.


The mistress DOES NOT believe George molested either Caylee or Casey.


Well, dear reader, tomorrow is shaping up to be an interesting day.


Stay  tuned



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