Well, what has been a somewhat lackluster trial for the past few days was suddenly given a jolt of excitement Saturday when Judge Perry suddenly called for a recess after the trial only being in session for 45 minutes. What was supposed to be an extended day of hearing with the afternoon session being in place until at least 3 in the afternoon, instead, turned into an increasingly intense closed session between Judge Perry, the leading attorneys and at times Casey.

The day started with the usual side bar before the trial session and not long after the start, all the attys went off into the holding room next to the courtroom. At one point according to  WFTV reporter, Kathy Belich Chaney Mason could be heard shouting in the courthouse. This is made more remarkable since the walls are thick between the two rooms making them virtually soundproof. His shouting would have to be to the point of screaming in order to be heard by Belich who usually sits a good 30 feet from the wall separating the two rooms.

At one point, Casey got up and went into the holding room, possibly due to something she read on the transcript monitor displaying the conversation taking place. WKMG in their 11 pm newscast had images of Casey in her holding cell in conference with one or more of her attys before she then returned to the main courtroom where she spent the rest of the session wiping tears from her eyes.

It was soon after that everyone emerged from the holding room and took their places. It was then that Judge Perry made his announcement that the court was in recess until Monday morning. The remainder of the day was then left for all of us to wonder just what the hell is going on and to speculate just about everything under the sun  as being the cause of this latest fiasco.

One statement that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel might cause a few to raise their eyebrows” Asked whether a plea deal could be put on the table at this point in the trial, Ashton said: “I couldn’t talk about that one way or the other. If I give you an answer, I won’t be practicing law Monday.”

(source Orlando sentinel)

Whatever the cause of this latest fiasco, we have been left with a real cliffhanger to occupy ourselves with until Monday. We will be wondering if we are in for something interesting or just another day of sidebars with the  occasional bits of testimony.

Stay Tuned



  • anonymous says:

    I heard there is proof that Cindy lied about not working when chloroform searches were made. Also phone records show no calls were made to George about ladder being up on pool and gate open.

    • You are quite correct. I have it from an anonymous source that a woman has been trying to contact the The State Attorney’s office to offer direct testimony that she has personal knowledge that Cindy was at work the day the searches were reported to have taken place.


  • anonymous says:

    Oh and another thing. If you check the weather in Orlando on the 16th & 17th, you will find it was thundering and lightening. What child wants to go swimming in a storm.

    • I know from personal experience that the Summer of 2008 was the wettest in Florida history. Flooding was common all over Central Florida with the heaviest rains starting just before the dates the States is arguing when Caylee was killed.


      • Unlike an adult, a two year old that wants to go swimming does not care about the weather. They are not going to reason oh it’s too cold or oh it’s raining. Just like a kid who wants to play outside when it’s raining or cold. hat said, I don’t believe the drowning story.

        • I agree, also, as an RN and a parent then grandparent, Cindy knows the perils of a pool and the rash of drownings we have had down here. She would have taken the proper precautions.


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