As luck would have it, I was at the Orlando International Airport when the news of Cindy Anthony testifying that it was SHE that did the search for chloroform on the family computer and not Casey. Cindy claimed that it was common for people not to be at work even though the payroll records would show that she was at work during the times the searches on the computer were taking place.

As it turned out there was someone else out there who was also surprised that Cindy stated what she did on the stand. This one person has information that, if it gets to the State Attorney’s office, has the potential of turning this case upside down and quite likely putting Cindy in line to appear as a defendant in the same courthouse as her daughter.

The following letter has been sent to Detective Yuri Melich by a co worker of Cindy’s who has been trying to contact someone close to the case with important information regarding Cindy’s testimony.


Hi Det. Melich
I am reaching out to you because I am unable to contact anyone at the prosecutor’s office and I was hoping maybe you could help.

I worked at Gentiva at the same time Cindy Anthony did; she worked in the Winter Park branch and I worked at a corporate office in (withheld by request)

Regarding her testimony, there are several untruths she testified to, and I feel the need to make sure that the prosecutors have this information:

1) Cindy said she had to do computer searches at home since at work she had no access to the internet, that Gentiva had their own intranet. This is not true, all locations had access to internet (as well as Gentiva’s intranet). We needed the internet to be able to look up the most recent medications, therapies and treatments, since Gentiva is a home health company. This info could be easily confirmed by Gentiva.

2) Cindy said that perhaps her supervisor had filled in her time card, since according to her time card she was at work during the computer searches. This is also not true. Timesheets were completed by employees themselves ONLINE, not by paper and pen, and not by punching a time clock. Cindy stated correctly that we had lots of passwords and we were not allowed to give our password to anyone else, including our supervisors. The only one who could fill out Cindy’s timecard was Cindy. And if she was leaving early for the day, or not coming to work that day, we all knew the salary schedule, when timesheets had to be completed by. If she was taking a Wednesday off, for instance, and payroll was due by that day, she would have gone into her computer on Tuesday and filled out her timesheet, also indicating PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

3) Cindy said she made her own schedule and came and went as she pleased. This is not true. Even though we were salaried, what that meant was that we could not claim overtime. PTO (paid time off) was given to us depending on length of employment, and was watched carefully. We were allowed to take time off but had to submit it as PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

4) It was inferred that since Cindy hasn’t been to work at Gentiva since 2008, they probably didn’t keep any old records. This is not true. It is a home health agency, and as nurses, our paperwork and computer work is considered legal documentation and is kept for an extended period of time, always with the thought in mind that someday that documentation might be needed in a court of law. This is another reason why our time at work was correctly documented at all times. There was never any “I wasn’t there but my timesheet says I was”. No way, ever. If her timesheet says she was working, she was working. This can also be verified by Gentiva.
5) Last but not least, just have to throw this out there, Cindy is an RN. There is no way on earth she would ever have to do a google search on such laymen phrases like “head trauma” or “ruptured spleen” or any of those other ridiculous mispelled words.

I am hoping that you will be able to get this information to the prosecutors. My heart goes out to Cindy and George Anthony, but I believe they are lying in an effort to have Casey found not guilty and released. I just can’t sit by and watch that train wreck.

Thanks for your time.


Efforts are continuing at this time to see to it that this information is sent to the State Attorneys Office for them to decide if this witness has merit.

Stay Tuned



  • MIgrammyof10 says:

    Wow!! Not really surprising tho. She isn’t as good of a liar as her daughter is. Anxious to see how the rest of this is played out. Thanks

  • joyce says:

    Wow!! Do you think that this is why court was rcessed on Saturday?

    • silvercat6260 says:

      I might make a small bet on it. Just for 1 thing Cindy said on the stand was that she is clocked in even if she’s not there at work. If that was done at my job heads would sure roll and someone would be looking for a new job. The whole family function on lies.

    • I do not know Joyce. The author of the letter also pointed out something I did not think of. Cindy is a medical professional who would have used medical terminology to google her searches.

      Also, as she is college educated, she would do a better job of spelling.


  • pensacola32507 says:

    so glad you found that person and i hope the SA takes advantage of it. i fell for cindys act on the stand again, as alot of people, but not again. i know shes probably trying to save her from the death penalty but this family has made such fools of everyone and wasted so much of the state, police and FBIs time and money its about time someone takes them all down. i got a feeling they shouldnt have made linda and ashton mad.

  • Becky says:

    When did this letter surface, and is it authentic?

    • I have had a lengthy exchange with the author of the letter. I am waiting to see if this is going to lead to anything constructive.


    • The letter was sent to me by the author and I believe she sent it to Det Melich a few days before she sent a copy to me. Since representatives of Cindy’s employer testified in court verifying that what she said in the letter is true, it appears that Cindy may have actually helped increase the chances that Casey will be found guilty.


  • caroln says:

    is this the RN who is writing to all the news outlets? If it is her, believe me she isn’t all there. If she’s legit, I’ll wait and see.

  • tesspa says:

    WOW!!!! and O-M-G!!!!!!!

  • I received an email to confirm registration. I copied and pasted but it came up unresponsive. I saw the picture of Cayley at the door but could not read the writing added to it.

  • Linda says:

    That picture of the girl at the sliding glass door was NOT Caylee.
    There has NEVER been a picture taken of Caylee without her face in it.
    I believe it was set up for the defense to bolster their claim that Caylee
    was tall enough to get out of the house by herself.

    I also don’t believe that Cindy did those searches at home, I believe she
    was at work all day and Casey did the searches, and killed Caylee to
    punish her mother.

    Casey is a sick, evil POS and deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail.

  • sammie says:

    Hey Murt why is this not breaking news on all the FL new stations…….Did Lamar give you the tip?

  • j4j says:

    Is this woman really serving justice? I saw her tweets on twitter and concluded she is nothing more than a troublemaker. Good Lord…..the Anthony’s have been through enough already. They are trying to save Casey’s life. They are human! So this witch wants to tar and feather and run them out of town on a rail? What a b…ch. She needs to mind her own business. No one else from the medical facility seems to want to hang Cindy out to dry. What’s the problem with this witch? Has she had a run in with Cindy? I’d be checking personal reasons FIRST.

  • Maria Ryan says:

    God works in mysterious ways…

  • VICKEY says:

    I can always tell when someone is lying and Cindy let it be known with her body gestures.. she was twitching and messing with her eyes, nose and hair,, the same as Casey when she lies.. It is a disgrace to Caylee to lie for her murderer .

  • littlebit says:

    You shouldn’t publish anything with confirmation of all the facts.

    • Littlebit, it is why I posted the title to the article as a question. The mainstream media has been speculating all day about everything from a plea deal to Baez being fired. The author of the letter claimed that Cindy was working. She stated she wanted to inform Law enforcement of her claim and provided me with contact information. It is now up to law enforcement to determine the validity of her claim.


  • littlebit says:

    withOUT confirmation of facts.

    • Again, Little bit not only did I not imply the claim as fact but was explicit to state this was a claim of another party. This sort of thing is done by the media, and other bloggers, by the way, with no confirmation of the facts.

      There is even a story going around that at least 3 other witnesses from the company have made the same claim. That story is out there along with hundreds of others.


  • E Daisy says:

    I got the distinct sense it was crap the last time Cindy testified because she was grilled about whether she was “actually at work” by LDB. She didn’t catch on to it at first. Then the camera caught a microflash of a smirk as she realized her previous lie. Cindy should be taken right from the witness box to the holding cell. We’ll see how much she smirks then.



  • jay says:

    i believe these corporations hve cameras so that would help the state also

  • Butch says:

    There has already been one death! This mother is trying to save her daughter be it by deceit or truth. Yes the family is in shambles, whose wouldn’t be in a mess like this. It’s easy to say that I should do the right thing and hang my daughter but how many of us are out there would actually do that/ I for one would not in a million years!

  • Kismet Mayo says:
    Check out the above link regarding Cindy Anthony’s employer Gentiva. Sounds to like there are definite problems with Gentiva’s policies on timekeeping and following Fair Labor Standards Act with their employees. They are being sued for non-payment of overtime outside of the forty hour workweek. I’ve worked as a Medical Administrator for years and it is common for salaried nursing supervisors to be exempt from overtime, thus they commonly take their excess accumulated time off as personal time off. The managers aren’t concerned if they (the employee)don’t always document that time that they’ve taken, as long as they have indeed put their required 40 hours in that they’re being compensated for with salary, and that they have not incurred any overtime. It’s very plausible that Cindy Anthony is being truthful about this particular issue.

  • witheld says:

    Hello Defense,
    I work for a Company that services every address in the United States 6 days a week. I have to log-on with someone else’s log-on ID to input restricted information. Believe it or not, that person is usually off from work at that time but the computer will say the person was working linputting info at that time!

    • BIT LATE ON THIS TIP. That said, there is a problem with your theory. According to Cindy,(or the defense, I forget which) she logged in from a REMOTE location. First, the computer system that her employer has, must be able to be accessed from her home and second, most extranets have an access long so that the IT knows that it is someone who is authorized to log in from an outside location. This is a medical facility with strict compliance requirements. IF Cindy was looking for the items she claims to have been, the record of her on line session would be on the company computers. There were no records of anyone doing searches on the company computers and there was no record on Cindy’s computer of any access to the URL of the company extranet. In addition, NOBODY in this rather large company has testified to seeing Cindy leave the office during the times the searches on the home computer took place.


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