As the local media outlets scramble to try and find out what the heck caused the chaos at the Orange County Courthouse Saturday, yet another theory has surfaced from WKMG no less. This theory actually makes sense if you watch how they put the story together.

The story they came up with is based on the fact that the Orange County is being mum about who is visiting Casey at the jail, something that had not been the case before the trial started. Is this standard practice in these situations? I do not know. It seems rather odd since the Orange County Jail has released visitor logs DURING high profiles in the past.

At any rate, a WKMG reporter staking out the Orange County jail made it a point to bring that fact up in his report. This also is rather interesting as the local media only decided to start staking out the jail after things came to a grinding halt yesterday.

As for what might be the latest theory for things getting interesting Saturday. How about Casey taking a plea offer in return for her mother Cindy Anthony being granted immunity from prosecution for any charges that may stem from her testimony regarding the computer searches and perhaps that rather convenient photo of Caylee that seems to have come out of the blue.

Just another theory stemming from unconfirmed facts, this time from WKMG and other media sources.

Stay tuned



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