The broomstick riding biddies seem not to have much going on in their room. They decided to come over to my place (CAN YOU SAY STALK???) and try and invite some of us, INCLUDING ME into that stink pile they call B Hell Biddies.

Now what is interesting here is that That they go out of their way to tell me that THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED in me, they DO NOT CARE about me, I DO NOT MATTER. Well, Ok, folks, read this exchange and judge for yourself.

XS7_RidesAgain: hey you’all are invited to Beacon Hell Biddies
murtwitnessonelive: I don’t think so. Is their room THAT boring?
murtwitnessonelive: Why on earth would the stalkers need me in their room. Is it that dead over there?
XS7_RidesAgain: hey you’all are invited to Beacon Hell Biddies
murtwitnessonelive: Sorry, we do not visit cyber criminal rooms. Too bad their room is dead. Their room must be doing poorly that they need to bring someone into their room they have blocked all over twitter. Sad little broom riders.
It will be interesting to see what their excuse is for that little trick. I know that If I were to try something like that I would be accused of stalking Poor pitiful lonely Princess and her band of  t***T lickers. It must be going sour.



  • anonymous says:

    No thanks. Those women at Beacon Hell Biddies are too trashy for me.

    • ANON:
      If anything the biddies childish game has proven my point. They do not give a damn about missing children or any of the other cases out there. All they do is go around and spew the same childish nonsense day in and day out. There is nothing of substance in anything they say or do. They go around making up blogs and fake usernames. Outsiders who are spammed by them or stumble across their postings are astonished to find out that they are Mothers and grandmothers and not young spoiled teenagers being neglected by their parents.

      They are, in fact, just a bunch of broken old biddies that have nothing to contribute to society.


  • Knows better than this! says:

    To Nana & Karri good gravy, you sound worse than 12 year old boys looking at a Playboy. Have you EVER READ what you type. No wonder you two are always on the Internet, No one would ever be friends with you. Guess that’s why you never mention going to lunch or shopping with your friends. You could fake it like Pennie does, she has a full time job AND been going to school for years. All this over a poor little dead baby. I’m so glad I don’t know any of you sad fools in person. Yea I rambled I’m entitled.

    • Never knows better:
      I am not certain what set the two of them off. I do not blame Kari for having to defend herself and her family against the biddie from the hills. She and her biddies are still at it on twitter proving my point over and over again. A total stranger who does not have “a dog in the fight” got to see and judge for herself who we all are and see for herself what has been going on. I will be curious to see what will come of everything.
      One thing I did find out for certain is the Dominic Casey was not welcome in Putnam County and they would prefer that he never show his face there again. Just like in Orange and Lake County, he is considered a nuisance and a joke.

      As for NANA, she put a tag line “THE CHILDREN LIED” in regards to two victims of a pedophile. She offered no reason for her comment other than to support the sister of her BFF. The Lake County Sheriff
      s office would strongly disagree with her based on the files I have at home.

      I do find it odd that she spends more time tweeting about me and little if any tweeting about or spending time with her family. Rather screwed up priorties.


  • Really says:

    Now now Princeless, you know very well when you and Pat aka Blue, were calling everyone in up state New York. You guys posted Murts fathers grave site. Had info on his brothers Military records.also info on Murts, his sister who you “thought” was his sister I must say. So stop lying we know you snoop like a dog. Oh I sure don’t want to leave out MummiesDummies she had her snout in this too. Oy you guys are so hypocritical lying Trouble makers. Remember Nana’s fav. quote “stir shit – shit stinks” sniff sniff. The damn truth never lies only people lie.

  • utalkn2me says:

    Good Lord that toofless NC hillbilly is still skulking around??? The truth never lies my ass, she is the queen of lies. Hell she makes Casey look like an amatuer. As for COACH lady….well her mouth and her pics speak for themselves.

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