If one was asked the hypothetical question “George and Cindy, now that your daughter has been acquitted, where are you going now??” The answer would NOT be “We are going to Walt Disney World!!” It would instead be that they were off to Nassau, Bahamas.


At the very same airport, Orlando Executive, that saw the abrupt departure of Casey, and “her?” return, saw George and Cindy get whisked off for a little jaunt out in the Atlantic away from the troubles and tribulations of Testifying in court and having to answer for their part inĀ  that fiasco.

They were spotted shopping in a shop in Nassau. It is nice, I suppose to get away from the fact that their daughter turned her back on them and probably will not have anything to do with them anytime soon. Now Cindy have each other and Lee, at least for now.


Stay tuned





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