For the past several years I have had to put up with a number of “smear” blogs one of which was put on the website. The curious thing about this particular blog was that nobody who had anything to do with this blog was willing to put their name where their mouth was.


The simple fact of the matter is that there are NO names on the blog at all and NO information as to who exactly it is behind that blog. All there is is some kind of patronizing profile which does nothing to give even the mildest hint of who it is that runs that blog and any kind of verified background information is lacking. That is until now.

I wrote about this fact in my old blogger site and I am repeating the article here:


A little over a month ago I started getting a number of e-mails regarding that blog as well as another one that is similar in tone. I had ignored the other blog for the simple reason is that it is impossible to read due to the rather odd color combinations the owner chose. Like the “TTAM” blog, it was largely a feed of my blog articles and twitter posts with their biased comments added.

The authors of the anonymous e-mails, and there were quite a number of them, became more persistent when I seemed not to be paying attention to what they were saying and not commenting on what they were sending me.

That is one of the reasons I am writing this article. Like many of my critics on past blog articles, people sending me anonymous comments or using freemail addys would cancel their accounts once the comments were written making replying to them rather difficult. One of them finally figured that out and at least left me a means to reply to them. It turns out that the individual is a rather outspoken critic of mine whose opinion of me has not completely changed.

What did concern this individual, however, was finding out that a close associate that was more or less in charge of the TTAM blog was, in fact, a pedophile who had somehow covered up this fact until I had unknowingly exposed this person.

For the time being I have to keep this a bit confidential as there is an investigation underway since the individual in question is not supposed to be on the internet at all. The individual had been using their excuse that this was only on websites known to be visited by MINORS, but a check with the court in question indicated that ALL internet sites were off limits.

There is an appeal of a sort in progress since a constitutional question is being raised due to the fact that the internet is so essential in all aspect of our lives now days.

Other than a public response to those anonymous e-mails is this caveat. ANYONE who reads a smear blog about ANYONE must take those blogs with a grain of salt.

This caveat is MOST IMPORTANT when the authors of these smear blogs DO NOT tell WHO THEY ARE, mainly for fear of LITIGATION or even PROSECUTION.

It is easy to say anything about anyone behind the mask of anonymous. It is far more difficult to do so in the open where words can be challenged and legal remedies be put in place.


Stay Tuned



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