I have received in the form of a comment, a response to the article I wrote recently regarding a 13 year old girl who claims to be suffering severe abuse at the hands of her grandmother. As far as I am concerned, this is a case of domestic violence and I do not understand why, in these times of mothers killing their children and the escalation of violence within families that someone in this Pennsylvania town does not look into this situation to see what can be done about it.

Please read this letter and decide if there is anything that can be done and if so, what?

I am this wonderful girl’s mom. I have a degenerative neuro-muscular disease. The “GrandMa” owns the home where we reside. She has hounded us for years with it escalating when her platonic boyfriend entered a nursing home. He was able to keep her away from us–specifically–keep her away from my daughter.
This is a call for help because the police have done nothing. GrandMa has been reported to children’s services several times. Their position is because she is a relative the hitting is not abuse. She provokes my daughter then tape records her upset responses–on her birthday on Christmas etc… She is as evil as it appears. She has rage and she plays the victim and she calls us every name you can imagine.
She looks frail beause she broke her hip but her arms and hands and other leg work perfectly well so she can lunge. Unlike me, just one part of her body is affected. My entire body is weak.
All is documented because one day we will have our day in court and I will play every webcam recording I have of all the fifty plus 911 calls grandma has made and my daughter and I are being yelled at by the despicable employess of the Lower Salford Township Police department.
Finally, my daughter, a youtube partner (her partnership is under another more frivolous light-hearted name) took matters into her own hands to expose GrandMa
She wants us to be on dr. phil or something. I simply need a dwelling I can afford and independently enter and exit–those types of handicapped dwellings—like the one GrandMa owns– are hard to find. But we don’t want money; we want GrandMa to accept responsibility for what she has done. We want her to be held accountable. We want the police to be held accountable for their lack of appropriate response especially their lack of respect, professionalism and prejudice. We want the Office of Children & Youth to also be held accountable for thier lack of response when provided with evidence of physical abuse all the while witnessing her escalations, delusions, fabrications etc… When my only income is SSD and 13 plus years with NO child support from an absent father and legs that are patially paralyzed by my disease there is little I can do but lock my daughter and I in my bedroom and have friends get her out of the house as much as possible.


Stay Tuned




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