Casey just might wind up spending the rest of her life both unmarried and childless. Today the Florida DCF labeled her an unfit parent and with the paperwork they have filed as a matter of public record, Casey will not be qualified to adopt any child from anywhere.


If the most hated woman in the USA (or the world for that matter) were to ever get pregnant it would be likely that the DCF wherever she lived would petition the court to remove the child from her custody. At the least she would be under the watchful eye of any DCF agency wherever she decided to settle down.

Left unanswered at the moment is Judge Perry’s decision on if or how Casey would serve probation. The fact that Judge Perry is taking so long to rule on this issue would indicate that he is faced with a legal tightrope that he has to cross in order to make a proper ruling. It would appear to me that he wants to find some way to punish her even if it was the “slap on the wrist” administrative probation she would likely face.


Stay Tuned



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