I had not intended to delve into this issue yet again until some moron by the username of Shawnio decided to weigh in with a rather snide comment today. Since he decided to do some shit stirring and by doing so prove a point I have been trying to make, I decided I might as well indulge him and thank him for proving a point that I have been trying to make since November of 2008.

First let us examine the post in question:

Submitted on 2011/08/12 at 3:35 pm

Obviously you have fallen for someone elses bullshit, I am the real shawnio and I don’t appreciate you posting my name all over the place, arent you the same guy that was involved with SBD? are you seriously that dumb that you fell for exposing broadcasters ploy to make you think the name Shawnio was involved? shawnio is my youtube channels account ya moron. whoever has been fucking with you has been using the name and obviously you are just gobbling it up aren’t you. anyways best of luck being attacked by some random who is using my youtube name lol

Well “Shawnio” someone has been using MY name and many were just “gobbling it up.” This begs the question, how do you know who is actually posting something on the internet??? As Shawnio has clearly pointed out, it is easy for ANYONE to use the on name of ANYONE to post ANYTHING without having to offer any proof whatsoever.

Shawnio has proven yet again that I was the victim of an elaborate FRAUD that even managed to find it’s way into the discovery in the Anthony case. Notice that those PM’s were NOT EVEN MENTIONED by EITHER side. Why? Because they were fabricated CRAP. The state AND the defense knew they were USELESS and thus they WERE NOT USED.

It is abundantly clear that just because someone signs a name to a post, instant message e-mail or other type of internet media, that does not mean that it is the REAL person. In MOST cases it is an IMPERSONATOR.

Unfortunately for me there were those out there who were either DUMB or decided to PLAY dumb and not recognize this fundamental fact.

FINALLY, Shawnio (if this is the REAL Shawnio) has come along and by making the same claim I have, proving that there is widespread IMPERSONATION all over the internet.

Stay Tuned

MURT (or is this really MURT?)


  • BernieChin says:

    Is this NaNaNc’s attempt to come back and be the bitch she really is?
    Makes you really wonder………………Hi Diane.

    • What IS interesting BernieChin is the QUIET that has come about in the article I wrote regarding Shawnio. It seems I struck a nerve as NOBODY bothered to comment about the point I made. I guess Karma caught up with the trolls.


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