Fat old Souloangels is lying again. She is getting on her open twitter account and saying that the CITY took my dogs and put them down. This would be quite the surprise for Brian my former sales manager who has the dogs at his place up in Palatka along with TVOT and her two friends who petted them while we were up in Palatka today.

I would be curious what CITY took the dogs?  Or what CITY I turned them over to?

This does bring up an interesting point. Could someone please explain to me what business it is of some Racist loon from THOUSANDS of miles away what I do or not do with my life? This LOON has made hundreds of outrageous tweets about ME, and then has the audacity to complain about MY tweets that she is not even supposed to be reading.

Again they cannot have it both ways. If they are going to post pictures of MY house. PRIVATE PM’s that have been forged and altered and all sorts of PERSONAL AND FALSIFIED information about me, then they have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN about. This comes from LAW ENFORCEMENT by the way. Since I have DOCUMENTATION that Princess and others started posting about ME MONTHS before I started mentioning them, their their STALKING arguments are moot.

It is PRINCESS who went and posted the OLD USGS photos of my house and it was her bff drone BOOGEROCITY who photographed MY house and then published them on the internet after doctoring up the photos with photoshop or something similar.

There is no STALKING by me here so you might as well give up on that one. As long as all the blogs and rss tweet feeds stay up that YOU and your BFF’s have created, then your stalking claims do not hold water.


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