Word has it that Casey is back in Florida. It is not clear exactly where she is, but she is back in her home state. It is likely that she will have to serve probation while the appeal process moves forward so it was necessary for the defense team to bring her back here.

It has yet to be determined if the court of appeals will hear the motion filed by the defense nor how long it will take for a decision to be reached. The appeal process could take at least a year which means that Casey will wind up serving her probation regardless of the outcome of the hearing.

What will be interesting is to see how she will serve out her probation and what exceptions that may or may not be made due to security concerns.


Stay tuned



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  • KariSueBee says:

    Hi Murt, hope you doing OK.

    Doubt anyone has to be worried about Casey’s safety. If she could walk about Ohio so freely as we’ve seen and confirmed by Jose Baez on Geraldo Rivera’s show that it was indeed Casey strolling in the park, unhindered and unnoticed in that great disguise she was wearing (give me break) then what’s all the concern about her safety there in Florida. Doubt there is anyone crazy enough to give up their freedom and risk being locked up for causing any harm to poor lying Casey in an attempt to get some justice for Caylee. Getting people to boycott anything ANTHONY is hard enough and if it came down to all of us justice for Caylee seekers turning off our dang televisions in protest of anything ANTHONY doubt there are many of us who have the balls to put our money where our mouth is in the name of Caylee Marie.

    Our we supposed to live on pins and needles the rest of our lives for fear that if some random act of violence should ever happen to Casey that it would be labeled a “hate crime” against poor “innocent” Casey by someone who wanted justice for Caylee – I sure hope not. Many things can happen to Casey just as they can happen to any of us – we are all just a hair away from being the victim of a random act of violence or horrific accident while we try to go about our daily lives. Is Casey, George, Cindy, Lee and anyone who ever served in any capacity whatsoever on Casey’s Defense Team, especially Jose Baez & Cheney Mason, always going to accuse those of us who desperately wanted justice for what was done to Caylee Marie for anything that should go wrong in Casey’s life – I sure hope not. Are we all forever going to be POTENTIAL SUSPECTS because we cannot accept the injustice and continued disrespect shown to a beautiful little 2 year old baby girl named Caylee Marie – I sure hope not.

    Casey Marie Anthony accepted NO responsibility and accountability in the horrific way in which precious Caylee Marie was discarded in 2 garbage bags, a laundry bag and then thrown in the disgusting swampy woods to rot just a stone’s throw from her home – where to this day JoJo and CeCe have enjoyed every single day/night sleeping in a compfy bed & cooling off in their above the ground swimming pool – when they haven’t been flying from coast to coast & vacationing in the Caribbean. HOW CAN ANY OF THE ANTHONY’S SLEEP AT NIGHT and they MUST because they look so refreshed, pampered & so eager to get their grubby hands on Caylee’s blood money.

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