Well, The State of Florida has shown that if a woman whines enough she will be afforded special treatment be it deserved or not. In a clear violation of Florida’s open records law, Judge Perry ordered that information regarding Casey’s probation that would normally be made public remain sealed. This is because Casey is “the most hated woman in the United States.” Well…DUH! The problem here is that part of the PUNISHMENT when on probation is that EVERYTHING regarding the defendant is made PUBLIC. It is the law, or at least it is supposed to be.

Now the reason for the extra protection is that she has received death threats. Well, at least this is ONE thing that Casey and I have in common. I had someone who went by Renzolovescake tell me in a telephone call that he was “going to come to my house with a shotgun and blow my head off.” Did I get protection? No. All I got was a device hooked to my phone line for a few months to record every call coming in or going out. Nothing ever came of it. No conviction, no nothing.

I had at least TWO incidents of someone coming to my house and taking detailed photographs of my residence and belongings. As a result of these stunts I had 4 incidents of thefts and property damage in the thousands of dollars. No special protections there either.

I had and still have calls from people DEMANDING that I kill myself. Again No protection.

Someone called my brother in North Carolina and made outrageous false statements about me. Again nothing.

There are two likely reasons for this:

1: I am male. It would have been of some help if I had been female.

2: I did not KILL my daughter.

Oh well, Nobody’s perfect

Stay Tuned



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