It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since that hot August night when my wife and I sat at the Mount Dora Lighthouse, releasing our balloons in memory of our deceased son at the exact moment a call was being made to the Leesburg Florida Police Department regarding a missing child we would soon learn to be Trenton Duckett.

The proximity of where Trenton lived in relation to my house and the fact that it was the day we had buried our son in 2001 that caused me to follow the story of Trenton Duckett missing after catching the local news coverage when my wife and I returned home later that evening.

A lot has happened since that day 5 years ago. The stories of Caylee and of Haleigh as well as many other missing, murdered, and abused children have been told and have been talked about on the blogs and forums dedicated to their stories.

Trenton’s case was my start in following and discussing missing child cases on the internet. Prior to his story, I never followed missing child cases on the internet. I would catch the stories of children on the news like everyone else, passively listening and then going on with life.

Trenton was different. Perhaps it was the fact he looked so much like my son. Perhaps it was the date he went missing, or the fact he lived so close. Perhaps it was all of these things. All I do know is that it change me from being passive about the subject of missing and exploited children to being strongly interested in the outcome of their cases.

Out of all of these stories, that of Trenton remains at the forefront. It is the one mystery I wanted to see solved. It is a mystery I still want to see solved.

The question remains, will the case of Trenton Duckett ever be solved?

Stay Tuned



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