Just for the hell of it I decided to debate SOLOANGELS to see if she could come up with at least a small amount of proof of her outlandish, racist and bigoted lies. She of course could not.

She went all over the place and probably still is as I write this blog. She is documenting all of her lies in her twitter account (of course until she either deletes them or locks them like the rest of them did) for all of us to see. When I try to pin her down on a specific claim about me that she makes, she either starts the name calling or changes the subject entirely moving on to something else thus not having to justify the remarks she makes in her twitter posts.

The sad thing is that she involves innocent children in her rants. She is demeaning the children of a former girlfriend. Why is she involving her CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN in her rants. Why does race even matter?

She then moves on to make all sorts of demented and pornographic statements on her posts. This is typical of her and it is typical of the group as a whole. All they know is racism, bigotry, pornography.

At least now, those who are not involved on either side knows the degree these people are delving into my personal life and the lies they tell about me.

These women are a danger to society. It is unfortunate that nothing can be done to stop their hate and sickness.



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