It is getting to the point, in Central Florida, where there is a story of misconduct of one sort of another by members of local law enforcement. The one that is most telling is the story of the City of Umatilla, Florida Police chief.

Doug Foster, the long time top cop was suspended after an investigation stemming from an investigation of the city council.

Chief Foster was accused of such things as, playing on line games on the police computer to the degree that nobody was able to use it, not maintaining police cars, forcing officers to drive around in cars that have no heat in the winter, are missing hub caps and not getting needed oil changes done on the cars.

He has also been accused of having a uniformed officer collect the rent from a tenant of one of his properties.

The city council passed around a questionnaire asking officers and employees to assess their chief. The chief even filled the thing out himself.

As more and more stories of this nature come out, it is no wonder that it took a meter reader to do what law enforcement could not, finding Caylee Anthony.

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