Princess should have read the ENTIRE blog she sent me. IF she had done so she would have seen that MONOXIDE not only had the ABILITY to forge and alter the PM’S  that she so wholeheartly supports as being true and authentic but all but admits doing so. MONOXIDE is an alleged PEDOPHILE who has also been accused on other blogs of being engaged in INCEST as well as having  sex with an UNDERAGED girl (statuatory rape) as shown on a Skype account by one Renzoloves cake.

Princess is willing to take the word of someone with his background. Someone who enraged his female members of his blog with talk or rape and torture of them and of demeaning them as well as hacking into their private messages and e-mails over someone that has NO criminal record and has had NO history of posting anything even remotely similar to the material she so proudly released onto her blog almost 3 years ago.

This is what one blogger had to say about Monoxide:

A War of Identities

People who left MMAC are now being threatened by monoxide’s posse. These sycophants of monoxides are claiming that they’re going to post names, addresses, phone numbers, and photos of those people on 4chan and other sites.

If you read the ENTIRE blog, you will see the author of this blog IS NO FRIEND OF MINE. The author went out of his/her way to point that out. In spite of that, the author went OUT OF THE WAY TO POINT OUT WHAT A LIAR AND FRAUD MONOXIDE IS. In spite of all of this, Princess wants you to take HIS word over MINE.

Also be reminded that it was MONOXIDE who was accused to be behind the soundboard calls which were also altered. Anyone femilar with soundboard knows how easily material can be manipulated with.

In this morning’s twitter battle with Princess I pointed out that there is no SWORN STATEMENT given to law enforcement regarding who was involved in the conversations that were turned over to Detective Casey. There were two good reasons for this. First, If someone had SWORN to the authenticity of the content of the PM’s, they would face perjury charges as well as charges of filing a FALSE police report.

The second reason is that on THE SAME DAY the PM’s were released to the public, someone called in a FALSE POLICE REPORT. LCSO would vary much like to know who made that call so that SHE might serve a few years in state prison.

Princess does not have a clue how the real world works. If she keeps pestering Law Enforcement with this hoax, they will be glad to show her.


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