If  “the truth shall set me free”  it is with the mere association of NANANC with her new BFF’s where  she has done just that. She claims to hate liars and frauds. OH REALLY? Well, to use a phrase of hers ” I SAY BULLSHIT.”

She instead condones the lying and fraud and even takes part in the lies.

One of the most obvious lies that NANANC  “overlooks” is the creation of a WordPress impersonator blog about a chat group I have been affiliated with for decades. It is nothing more than a group of people who chat IN PRIVATE among themselves. This group of people had SAID OR DID NOTHING TO PRINCESS AND HER WING NUT BFF’S. Not one single mention, not one single thing.

Most of the members of the group, concentrate on subjects dealing with science and technology with a few having to do with such things as true crime and the science behind forensics.

They do not follow true crime cases to solve them or take sides with the parties of interest, but to discuss the science and technology used in the investigation process.

The impersonation of this group is why they had avoided being on the WWW for almost 3 decades. The quality of the average person on the internet is declining daily as it becomes cheaper to obtain a pc and the technical knowledge to take advantage of the tools on the pc requires little if any technical knowledge or skill. The net result is an influx of net participants that have no ethics or any respect for others who may not have viewpoints or lifestyles that agree with theirs.

Rather than engage in civil discourse, Princess and her BFF ‘S, as we have seen, set out to disrupt an individual’s right to free speech and association. The ITBBSG wants no part of this and had stayed off the WWW for this precise reason, opting instead to operate their chat system in the manner on line participants used to do when the internet was first created. The members of this group simply want to be left alone. The lack of ethics on the part of Princess and her group indicates that their wishes will not be granted.

That this DOES do, however, is to FINALLY lay to rest any claim that NANANC is out for the truth and disliking LIARS and so on.

REGARDLESS of what she thinks of me, she sits right back and supports a group of LIARS. If anything proves that, it is the existence of the impersonator blog. NANANC knows it is a lie. NANANC knows who created the LIE and NANANC continues to support THE LIE.

If you support the lie, you are the liar. NANANC is the liar.

NANANC was recorded on a chat room stating “WE ARE LIARS, WE ARE HYPOCRITES AND WE ARE STALKERSSS, OH MY.”



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