While making the rounds on Facebook, I came across a post made by someone on my wall. It was a statement of loss. The loss of her life partner, her soul mate. What made this post remarkable is that it was made today, the day her life partner was lost to her.

This takes me back to January of 2008. It was then that I lost my soul mate, my life partner, my wife. One of the first things I did when I came home was to note that loss on the internet forums I was visiting back then.

This is something that is becoming more common. We are all sharing our most intimate moments both good and bad on line, with those friends we feel a closeness with even though many of us will never meet.

It is a unique sharing that is part of the evolution of the society of man in this tech savvy age. In a way it makes the lonely not alone for companionship is only a keystroke away.

My prayers to my online friends who suffer their losses for they have shared mine.



  • Kay says:

    Yep Murt , I been there and done that too, I lost my first husband to colon cancer in 1999 (sept)

    We met he was 21 & I was 17 and we dated & 2 yrs later we got married . We were together 25 almost when he died. We have one son , he is 27 & grown and on his own . =)

    Anyways I been there and have done this too, In Memory of Michael E. Petten

    PS God Gave me another special man in my life today !!~ So Life is grand …

    (SunStar 201) aka Kay =) Thanks for letting me share also.

  • Kay says:

    Murt , after I wrote this, I was looking at the date today ,9-21-11 My Michael died on 9-21-1999 when the LORD called him home. * SunStar201*

  • vikki Thomas says:

    yes sharing in a social network does help the pain of a loss of a loved one. I have always kept journals and just letting the pain out in any way or tool we can find is a good thing ,IMO.
    Sharing with people we dont really personnally know helps I think too . Often its hard to confide our true feelings to our family or friends… Just seems easier with friends on line .
    sorry about both of your losses ,but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger , but its hard to go on sometimes with out the one lost. The love of my life was killed march ,2000 and sometimes the pain is like it was yesterday.. I have gone on ,married a good man but still the pain is like a spark ,ready to blaze at the sound of a certain song ,or a smell or any memory that triggers the memories.Hopefully we will see them again , Sometimes thats the only thought that helps the pain. Love to ya both ,its me agranny..

    • Kay says:

      Hey A Granny hope all is well with you also . I miss seeing yall in Blog TV , I hope there is something can cover in the near future … Love Always KaY Aka SunStar201

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