If the rash of high profile cases here in Florida have proven anything it is that the licensing requirements for Private Detectives need to be totally overhauled so that we can get QUALIFIED private detectives licensed rather than the DUNCES that seemed to have come out of the woodwork during the peak activity of the high profile missing children cases that have come to light.

Rather than help, these Barney Fife bozos trounce around in the woods potentially damaging REAL crime scenes, calling in psychics, and ruining innocent bloggers and members of the press at the bidding of families who do not give a wit about anyone but themselves and their out of whack children.

Most of us in the public worry and fret about our rights being trampled on by law enforcement but do not give a second thought to those PRIVATE koppers milling around in our personal lives.

What the public does NOT realize is that private detectives have FAR MORE powers in their hands than law enforcement. They also do not have the CONSTRAINTS that law enforcement has. Private detectives DO NOT have to inform you that you are being investigated.

Since private detectives ARE NOT COPS they do not have to read you any Miranda warnings, but can submit your statements to the cops.

Private detectives DO NOT have to identify themselves in most cases when investigating you. They can also stalk you when others cannot.

What rules private detectives in Florida are required to follow are largely IGNORED and are largely unenforced.

Reporting misconduct by a private detective in Florida is also an arduous and time consuming process. In short, when a PI ruins your life, forget trying to get any justice for none is forthcoming.

It would be nice if the Florida legislature would step in and do something about the influx of unqualified clowns flooding into the ranks of Florida private investigators but I would not hold my breath.


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