There is someone on tweeter that has an account :@creepcop. I think it would be interesting of someone would start one called @sleepcop.

The idea came about when I saw a report tonight on WFTV about a Osceola County Florida Deputy who had the bad luck to have his picture taken while taking a snooze.

Osceola Sheriff’s Office Investigates Deputy Sleeping On The Job.

I went on line to attempt to find a photo of this unfortunate deputy and instead found HUNDREDS of sleeping cop photos.

While you browse the small sample of what is out there on the internet perhaps you might want to contemplate writing the Osceola County Sheriff and tell him to hire meter readers to do their police work while the deputies take their siestas.

Roy Kronk, the world’s most famous meter reader, lives in Osceola county.

Stay Tuned


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