While preparing for my trip to Washington DC. on OCT, 6th, I came across a piece of equipment that I have not used for almost 15 years. It was my old Mac computer in it’s carrying case. Yes, I said Carrying case. As big as these things were, they were actually quite portable. Business travelers would lug these things along to do work on and, in some cases, go on line.

Some time back a blogger who clearly did not have a clue of the history of on line communications posted a photo of “me” on an airplane with the exact same model of machine. It was one of the few times, though she was completely ignorant of it, she came close to citing an actual fact.


I will not be taking the mac, of course, since it is a bit large to be used as carry on but instead will be taking my Samsung lap top and the trusty Torch/playbook combination I now use.

It is interesting to see how on line communications has evolved since the mid 80’s. There is even a throwback to that history as now even the Commodore64 has been reintroduced. This was Truly a portable computer and the one I had even had a built in COLOR monitor. The Commodore was certainly ahead of it’s time. I am looking forward to some of the “old time pc’s” that will be displayed at the Symposium next week.

It will be a trip down memory lane of a different sort.


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