There is an underground railroad of sorts underway right now as I write this blog. All over the united states there are groups of compassionate human beings working to save prisoners from impending death. Some are scheduled to die as early as 12 hours from now. By the time this blog article spreads around the internet, an untold number of these prisoners will be executed.

Far too few, however, will be granted amnesty. These prisoners are not murders, they are not terrorists, they are not criminals of any sort. The reason they are in these prisons are because they were abandoned by those they loved. They were abandoned by those upon who they depended for food and companionship.

The reasons they are prisoners are as numerous as the prisoners themselves. And just who are these prisoners? They are those who were pets. Some were strays.

I am going to examine the stories and fates of some of these prisoners and those who were snatched from the brink of death by those humans who cared enough to step in and rescue them.

Paramount among these efforts is The Relay. It was recognized early on when the rescuers took their efforts onto the internet in places like this facebook site:

That a way to get the rescued pet to their new owners was going to be a logistical problem. Getting the pet out of the prison and to the new family required a dispatch system that would rival the largest transportation country in the world.

Every minute of every day there are volunteers, mostly housewives, who work the internet on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Craigslist, and specialized blogs to find volunteers who can transport the pet from the prison to the new family.

In future articles I hope to follow the efforts of these various groups as they work diligently to save the most loyal and loving creatures among us.

Stay Tuned


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