I am beyond pissed!!!! I am angry, I am MAD! I have to plea the 5th for what I want to do to the son of a bitch (or bitch) who did this. This is BULLSHIT and something needs to be done to stop this kind of crap from happening to innocent chldren.




  • non says:

    Wow! That is absolutely atrocious!!!!

  • I am in tears for this girl. Her Face!

  • vikki Thomas says:

    hi murt,
    I recently read a blog where the owner was really putting some mean and terrible things about people still wanting justice for Caylee and how we should all let it go and how we all were crazy.
    I think this woman just doesnt get it .Yes we want justice for Caylee ,But Caylee has become the poster child for all abused and dead children out there cryng for Justice!
    If we let this injustice just go and accept it ,I believe in my heart and soul we are letting all the kids being abused or being killed by the people they trust more than anyone down. If anyone wants to call me crazy ,a boogereater or a tard for wanting justice ,then thats what I am . I will wear it like a badge of honor and will fight till my end for the kids! Just wanted to get that off my chest Murt ,its been eating away at me that some people are so cold and unfeeling .Peace out with love ……… Agranny

    • Agranny:
      The death of Caylee Anthony is “the perfect storm” of the sad fate of children like her. The reason people like us cannot “give up” on Casey Anthony and what happened to Caylee has to do with the factors involved in her case. This was such an unusual case that it caught the attention of many and created such an intense interest and disgust that it is hard to just stop and let things be.

      There is also the opportunity here for some good to come of all of this. Perhaps there will be another “Casey Anthony” who will think twice about how she treats her child or children. Even though Casey “got away with it” in the minds of many, she will still be in the minds of many for a long, long, time to come.

      There are also the states who are quickly enacting “Caylee’s laws” that will require the caretakers of children to report their disappearance promptly or face prosecution.


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