Just a quick note here about those of you victimized by the rants of Souloangels and her fellow stalkers. You need to wonder why these “women” are even posting about those subjects to begin with.

Why does it matter to Souloangels and her stalkers who meets or eats at a Red Lobster?

Why does it matter to Souloangels and her stalkers how an individual lives his  or her own PERSONAL life.

Why does it matter to Souloangels and her stalkers about a person’s employment status?

Why does it matter about any family member or  matter of Kari or any of my other friends or supporters?

I could go on and on. The same question would apply to all the additional points that could be made.


Souloangels and the others seem to be intent on prying into the personal affairs of others yet scream STALKER from the rafters if someone even defends themselves from these personal attacks.

I am also curious why she is keeping this up since all of her fellow stalkers have run off and hidden themselves in protected twitter accounts.

She alone has decided to stand alone and act as  the representative stalker for the rest of them and continues to post false and misleading tweets about me and those who choose to either be my friends and supporters or who have the bad luck of following me on twitter.
To my Twitter friends, please excuse the intrusions of these stalkers who seem not have a life of their own and insist on living my life and those of others.



  • kate says:

    Must be the “Soulo” in her. Ha! Ha! Ha! It may take a while for her to figure it out.

  • kate says:

    Did poor ole solo finely figure out she was all alone. Yep no brain cells.

  • kate says:

    Because Diane Kittel And Lisa Sack did not get to do it first. What other reason could it be. Jealous little 12 year old juvenile stuff. Quite funny, if I may say. All they were about who ups the other. They are so pitiful they don’t even know they hate each other. If one is not there, the other one back stabs the other just like they use to.

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