Well, Tracy Roddy aka Short Bus Dude at least has told the truth ONCE when he calls himself an IDIOT on the internet as he has yet to rebut my contention that he is spreading SPAM through e-mails on the internet. I first wrote about when I received the first SPAM e-mail from him detailing WHY it is that what he sent me was SPAM.


Note the upper right hand corner. Get your WALLET ready!

Now, Mr Roddy must have left his reading glasses at the Produce Department of the Publix store where he works since he cannot comprehend what the hell it is that I am talking about:


Once again I have to ask and I’m probably going to regret it but what in the hell are you talking about? SPAM? CRAP ON THE INTERNET? I’ve not even talked nor even see you around until this email thing. So I have to ask, what seems to be your problem? Simple question! Oh and I am saving these emails just in case you try to say I said something or accuse me of something like you’ve done in the past, so if you are still talking garbage about me somewhere I suggest you post my EXACT words or I may just start another blog to clear my name of anything you MAY accuse me of. Thank you very kindly sir and have a wonderful day.

Now if Mr Roddy would have taken the time to READ my article he would UNDERSTAND that the link contained within the e-mail HE sent me is SPAM.

Mr Roddy would have also UNDERSTOOD that the link is to a website that is widely regarded as a SCAM and I went into a great a bit of detail as to WHY.

I have since sent to Mr Roddy a screenshot of BOTH letters so that he might explain to me two things:

First: Why his first and SECOND e-mails are not Spam:

First was sent on 10/06/2011:


This message came up for the site Mr Roddy wanted me to visit

whats up.
do not pass it by because you are most defiantly capable of doing it if i am
talk to you soon

Second was sent on 10/22/2011:


nothing seemed to work for me I couldnt have found this at a better time it took me a while but im finally content think about trying it
talk to you soon.

In the above article I cited a source that declares this site a scam:


Within the article is this statement that explains just exactly what it is that Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) is passing around:

“After you fill out your preliminary info you will be taken to the official sign-up page. There’s not much information about what the program is actually about but from their list of partners and pictures of their customers’ success accounts it appears to be an internet marketing training course.

Their initial package is sold for $19.97 which covers the cost of the tutorials only. When starting an internet marketing business there are additional costs for services that you need to set up if you really want a successful business.”

This is the internet version of the old tv infomercial scam where a guy will tell you how you can make millions from home with little or no effort.

The problem, of course is that you have to fork out for his “courses”

This case, out of Orlando Florida, was a real jewel. BOTH the husband and wife went to the slammer for this one:


The pattern of the link that Mr Roddy sent is a clearinghouse for many of the same kind of courses.

More on the McKorkle SCAM:


This is the kind of GARBAGE that Mr. Roddy is spreading around and now is claiming ignorance.


If you go to the website, you will now get this message:

Dostęp do strony jest zablokowany albo w katalogu domowym nie ma pliku index.html ani index.php.


Now, since I do NOT speak any other language than English, I have no idea what the hell that says. I did check some sources I have that has said the host has terminated their hosting service agreement with the SPAMMER. Well ain’t that interesting?

I half expect him to claim he has been HACKED or is being IMPERSONATED. I would advise all of you to go back and read HIS responses when I made the exact same claims.

Mr. Roddy cannot be HACKED or IMPERSONATED because he knows how to PREVENT that from occurring so those excuses are OUT.

It will be interesting to see how SHORTBUSDUDE (Tracy Roddy) wiggles out of this one. No wonder he admires Casey Anthony so much. Two peas in a pod.

Stay tuned



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