Well I thought that this little pissing match between me and Shortbusdude (aka Tracy Roddy) was finished. Welllll I stand corrected. I got another one! Now Mr. Roddy has repeated his denial and in his last PERSONAL e mail to me he had said the following:

“Alright…..so I just sat and read thru your garbage or an email and if you really want to believe that I was the one who sent that non sense then so be it, but as I’ve stated, I’m not going to get dragged into any of your BS drama like I was in the past. You’ve said what you had to say, you think its me who sent that, I told you it wasn’t, we’re DONE! Now you can move along and find someone new to harass. In my opinion I just think you’re bored and need someone like me to bring interest back to your life again, but its not going to happen, so might I suggest that you hop in your van and go “Casey” chasing! Now kindly move along sir your emails will no longer be accepted here. Thank you and have a wonderful day. :)”

Now, for some stupid reason, I had thought that my problems with Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) were over with and I could move on.

His latest DENIAL was in my e-mail in box at 7:18 this morning. I opened that e-mail just before I wrote the “Denial” article.

So Imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes before I wrote THIS article I once again got an e-mail from none other than SHORTBUS DUDE (Tracy Roddy)!!!!

And lookie lookie lookie at what was in the e-mail:

“hi there.
im finally turning my life around this completely exceeded my expectations I started and never looked back soon you could be living the dream

Now, If I were to post the e-mail where this came from, it would be abundantly clear that the SHORTBUS_69 Username and the accompanying e mails site are EXACTLY the same. The e-mail header has been THOROUGHLY examined as well as the routing information that details how the e mail made it’s way through the internet from the sender to me.

The same was done with the e-mail that was sent from Shortbus where he DENIED several times that he did NOT send the e-mail.

It is here that I have a bit of a problem. I do NOT know the policy of WordPress.com regarding the publishing of personal e-mail addresses that are not mine. I also, as a rule, do not publish e-mails of individuals in articles of this type. In this case, the e-mail address of Shortbusdude is from an account he uses for his multimedia stream sites. However, being the crybaby Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) is, I am certain he would go crying to WordPress if it was, in fact, a violation of TOS to do so. This whole episode my be a way into tricking me to do just that.

So, until I get an answer from WordPress.com, the e-mail addy will be redacted from THIS website.

Finally, in his series of e-mails Shortbusdude offered NO explanation as to how someone could have sent an e-mail to me that EXACTLY matches his widely used account.

So that leaves us with two options from which to choose:

Option 1: Shortbus’s (Tracy Roddy’s) e-mail account was (gasp) HACKED!

Option 2: He LIED

I pick Option 2

How about you?

Stay Tuned


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