We have an interesting quandary tonight. This character seems hell bent to blame all my troubles on an impersonator of him.

We also have someone making comments on my blog using either free e-mail services or totally fake nonsensical e-mail addresses. What this second person does not understand is that the exact same IP address is displayed regardless of what he puts into the header.

Now why this second person would allow such an obvious error to occur is a bit odd but it does prove to me and others who read this blog the extent of fraud and deception that goes on when it comes to placing information about me on the internet.

This ongoing process, however, is making it abundantly clear how easy it is to impersonate someone. It shows how easy it is to steal someone’s information. It shows how easy it is to create internet content that is purported to be from someone when it clearly is NOT.

I have contended that since 2008 people have said things about me that simply are not true. These same people accuse me of things I did not do and that I have written things that I did not write.

This hacking and impersonation happened as recently as my main twitter account. While I do not think the account was hacked, I do think someone “created” a post that I DID NOT MAKE and put it onto a blog.

The claim eluded to me is a minor one. Rather than erase the tweet, as was the charge, all I could have done is state that it was a typo since the amount stated in the alleged post was way out of line with what is actually the case. The subsequent twitter posts made that quite clear.

Any NORMAL person would have seen that as a typo and perhaps would have sent me a message or made another comment, but alas NONE of my 600 plus followers on Twitter saw fit to comment.

That is, of course, because the comment was not there in the first place. Some version of The impersonator created it out of thin air.

The same holds true of many of the source materials out there purported to be from me.

The fake e-mail addresses used to comment on this blog are easily created. The fake material with my name on it is just as easily faked.

The truth is setting me free, one comment at a time.

Stay Tuned



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