Recently, I had a call that informed me that my most prominent enemy, Renzoloves cake was dead. The caller, one of a number of his sidekicks who were always there in the Skype calls demanding I commit suicide informed he died in action in Afghanistan.

Under normal circumstances I would have noted that at least he was doing something worthwhile and good. I would have said prayers for his family and loved ones. As the member of a military family, I would have understood the sacrifice he made and the costs to his family.

If only it were true.

My problem here is that it is likely that Renzolovescake LIED!

This is the third year anniversary of when Renzo appeared on the scene with, first the death threats and then the suicide call that would trigger so many problems over these three years. It is the timing of the call that bothered me and made me think this was a hoax. The call was made the evening of November, 11th.

Since no one name could not be attributed to Renzolovescake, I had to believe that this group, who claimed to be part of the Anonymous movement, were at it again, stooping so low as to stage the death of a brave soldier as part of their quest for the lulz.

Thus is the price of a lack of character. True or not, Renzo’s “survivor” cannot be believed. The fate of Renzo is unknown. I doubt any proof is forthcoming. I have had answers to indicate who Renzo actually is, and I do say IS since I do not believe he is dead. If there is proof of who he is and that he is in fact, dead, I welcome that proof.

Excuse me if I do not hold my breath.

Stay tuned



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