In the flood of e-mails and messages I have been getting regarding the latest Stunt by one of the haters that has been stalking me for almost three years came this link to a COMMERCIAL INTERNET site set up by one of the leaders of this group TO MAKE MONEY MOCKING THOSE THAT SHE CHOOSES TO STALK.

What I would like to draw your attention to is the animated figure, in blue, that is laying on her back and the small object that is next to her head.


There is a significance here that goes to the depths of cruelty and GREED the owner of this website and the “Biddies” as they call themselves demonstrate, in this case, in a deeply troublesome and cruel manner.

The image is that of a dear sweet woman from the midwest who, along with her “furkids” would tune in attentively to my road trips all around Orlando, as did many others. The woman is an amputee. If you look closely at the legs in the cartoon, you will notice that one leg is shorter than the other. You might also want to take note of the object next to her head. It is what is commonly known as a “scooter.” The woman, you see, cannot walk any distance and is in constant pain. She is known for getting around on a handicap  scooter. The creator of this image knows this and of the other suffering this woman has gone through and continues to go through, The owner of the website noted in the cartoon made quite clear that she was mocking  that specific  amputee.  What the owner of this website is doing is DEPICTING AN IMAGE OF AN ACTUAL PERSON. If anyone has ever seen the disclaimers put on any motion picture or other media feature, they would see the disclaimer


That disclaimer is put in just about any production one can think of, even an animated feature, such as “The Ant Bully.”

It is to prevent LAWSUITS. I guess the lead “Biddie.” forgot to read up on that one.

The FACT of the matter is that this is a stark example of their stalking and demeaning of even a handicapped amputee for the mortal sin of being a supporter of mine, if even from afar.

There are hundreds of “roof riders” just like her who used to enjoy the company of others within my chat room. Her and the other “roomies” wanted nothing more than to be able to enjoy each other’s company in peace.

The Haters  would have none of it and the lead hater decided to make money off their hatred of  her and their hatred of me and my supporters.

Such as the people who stalk and smear me.




  • Doopers Spirit says:

    What a shame!

  • anonymous says:

    She sure is a nasty piece of work. Isn’t she on disability? Wonder if the IRS know about this little business she has going on?

  • I do not know her employment status and I am not concerned about it as much as she seems to be concerned about how I make my living. For someone who does not like people knowing her personal business, she certainly does not mind talking about mine.


  • SnoopySleuth says:

    Murt~~~The trolls make fun of me all the time because I am disabled. They even posted my dead daughter’s obituary and made fun of the fact she was gay.

  • lara says:

    That is disgusting. I am a 35yr old Mum of 2 and am disabled. My mobility is extremely limited and daily pains are something we have to get used to, but to be attacked like that, and I do believe it is an attack is an absolute disgrace and I would expect something like that from a child (a nasty child at that) to think this was done by an adult is shocking.

    • Lara:
      Unfortunately the individual depicted in that illustration is not the only one with a handicap who was demeaned by the owner of that account .

      In her blog, the creator of that “product” made a comment “Is it wrong for me to wish that the wheels on her wheelchair would rot and fall off. The subject of that comment is a grandmother who suffers from a chronic debilitating disease which requires her to use a “scooter.”

      A close supporter and longtime friend of the blogger repeatedly made comments that she “wished the illness she has would worsen and she die a painful death.”

      Another close supporter of that blogger used her skills of investigation to research the woman and tormented her to the point she felt she had to sell her house and move due to the nature of that torment and other threats that were made against her.

      This blogger and her group are incapable of engaging in any civil discourse regarding any criticism they may have and instead resort to these kind of personal attacks in order to quell any dissenting opinions.


      • lara says:

        I am totally shocked and offended. I dont understand why someone cant stop it. There has to be some laws that have been broken. The law should be doing something about this.
        And to dig up info and stalk these people must take up a lot of their time,
        How very sad!.
        I feel very sad for the person who is the target of this kind of behaviour, If she ever reads this then to you I say. I am sorry you are being terrorized in this way, Keep strong, ignore what you can and report what you cant ignore. I am sure you dont need me to tell you that as it has been going on for sometime now. Chin up chest out!! 😉 . (Thats what my Mum tells me).

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