If anything has come out of my battle with stalkers and cyber bullies over the years, I have learned the most common tools used by cyber stalkers are the enablers that seem to join them and make their efforts more effective.

In a lot of cases, to steal a phrase from someone with a similar problem, the stalker uses “the past as a crutch” in order to gain symphony from their “assistants.”

This is the way it is with me. In a majority of the cases where a stalker is after me, there is something in that individual’s past that they use as a reason for attacking me.

It is generally a case of abuse of some sort and it is usually a woman who has suffered one or more abuses at the hands of a male.

There is also the gender bias aspect. Since most stalkers, nowdays, are women, it is easier for a woman stalking a male to garner the support from another woman against the male. Also, it seems that past life experiences that the women have in common, will attract themselves to each other, attacking the victim along with the original stalker in a sort of sub conscious vendetta to get even for a past wrong.

The motive seems to be “I cannot get justice for myself, so I will at least get justice for him or her.”

This is a trap I almost fell into. I have been served injustices by stalkers and when I saw the opportunity to come to the aid of a victim of a stalker to seek justice against that stalker, I looked forward to seeing what I could do to help the victim out.

I was prevented from making a mistake in judgement, however, by something my victim sent me, that caused me to stop and study both sides of the dispute that was causing all of the problems for these people, to find the truth as to who was the stalker and who was the victim.

As it turned out, all of this originated out of a business transaction that did not work out and the resulting dispute got way out of hand.

This is generally how the stalking starts. There is usually some kind of core dispute that turns into an all out battle and leads to a progressive degree of bullying by one or both sides of the dispute.

The problem gets worse when the so called “enablers” join on one or both sides and engage in the bullying attacks and things continue to get progressively worse.

It is human nature and has occurred off line for ages. The friends and supporters of each principal in a given dispute will band together in a sort of “The Hatfields vs the McCoys” feud. The problem is the power of instant access and the effective use of the tools available on the internet makes for more far reaching, more damaging, and in an increasing degree of dire ramifications as a result of these “on line” feuds.

The power of the largest multimedia mainstream media powerhouse is now placed in the hands of the ordinary housewife. It is now virtually impossible for an untrained person to tell the difference between content generated by a respected professional news organization and that of an individual unversed in media ethics and the safeguards most professionals live by when placing content out there for the public to absorb.

The problem of cyber bullying is further exacerbated by law enforcement officials not understanding the problem and being overwhelmed by the quickly evolving technology that allows for more elaborate and dangerous cyber bullying by irrational or irresponsible individuals who access these mew methods.

The laws that cover the acts by cyber bullies are so complex that even the most experienced law enforcement officials cannot comprehend them. As a result most of the laws applicable to cyber bullying among adults remain unenforced and ignored.

That is, of course, until things reach a point where intervention by law enforcement is unavoidable. The problem is that by the time that point is reached, lives are damaged and destroyed and in an ever increasing number of cases, the point ends in death.

While it is more common that these disputes end more commonly in suicide, there is starting to be an increase where violence is occurring between the parties of these disputes.

In one recent case that I have been aware of, there is an allegation that someone threw a smoke bomb at a public building where the target of a stalker was at. There are also allegations of death threats being made by the stalker.

There are indications that this particular dispute is at the precipice of a disaster in the making if someone does not put a stop to it and force there to be cooler heads to prevail and settle whatever caused the dispute in the first place.

So what is my message here?

It is simply this. If you get any kind of message from anyone accusing someone else of being a stalker or being guilty of certain actions, step back and do some research. Do not jump to conclusions and make a mistake in judgment and act irrationally as a result.

Your decision may result in ramifications that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Stay Tuned


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  • Nikol says:

    Thank you for posting this. Justice will prevail ultimately. With life in general, everything is a learning experience. We all have the innate quality of hate in our makeup. However, it is what we chose to do with that innate quality that makes a difference.

    With people like you, who expose the truth, and people that help others through situations like this, there will be justice in one form or another. After all, life is short and eventually our judgement comes.

    Stay tuned I may have some news at the end of the month. (Can’t speak of it now though)

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