It is a fairly well known fact that a bond of friendship between women is one of the closest relationships that can develop between individuals. Sometimes these bonds are closer than in a marriage. These bonds tend to be quite deep and intimate.

That intimacy usually involves a great deal of trust. The term “BFF’ (Best Female Friend) is a term that should not be taken lightly. A BFF is someone a woman trusts with her life. A woman will share with her BFF secrets that she would not share with anyone else.

A BFF will do much more and take more risks than with anyone else. Personal rules of conduct will also be set aside if the BFF feels it is necessary when coming to the aid of her “sister.”

It is logical, therefore, that the ramifications of a breech of trust between two or more BFF’s is far more serious and carries with it, more severe ramifications than would be the case between men or even couples.

A betrayal by a deeply respected and trusted BFF, is a mortal sin that causes a woman to be “scorned.” beyond measure. Nothing can make a woman angrier than to be betrayed by another woman in such a manner that has been done recently.

What might be considered a minor, or at least not a serious, breach of trust between two men, is much more intense when done by one woman against another or a sisterhood. Such is the breach of trust that has occurred recently.

Until this particular breach, I never understood the deep and intimate friendships that some women have between each other and what the results can be when something happens when certain acts of betryal occur between women within these relationships.

The expression “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” takes on a whole new meaning when it is the BFF who is the source of that scorn.

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  • Think Murt, Seriously Think says:

    Murt have you stopped taking your meds or what, if you are seriously trying to be witty or your trying to intimidate someone you really suck at it

    • Well, you are obviously ignorant of how women think and how they relate to each other. No man can intimidate or fool a woman when it comes to a member of her “sisterhood.” It ain’t gonna happen.

      Women rely on their instincts. When one woman betrays another, espically when it is a BFF that is the betrayer, she will know it and it will make her that much angrier since her instincts betrayed her as well.

      So, don’t go down the road of accusing me of trying to intimidate a relationship between women. It is not doable and certainly not doable by me.


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