Well, someone somewhere tried to pull a fast one and sent me a comment that reminded me of the great German Pornstar hoax put together by a certain blogger and her cronies. It did not work the last time so I am not sure why they would think it would work this time. The e-mail address was rather interesting. The website used was as follows:

The E_mail addy used was as follows :

E-mail : A***g*****

There are a number of things interesting about the site used more than the e-mail address used in the post that was sent to me that I had to trash. It contained highly personal information along with the full name of a certain blogger. Rather than risk violating the WordPress tos, I decided not to post it. The information within the post was factual and confirmed by those who know the individual mentioned, but rules are rules.

Now to get back to the website. The story behind this site is interesting. The first thing you do is to go to the site. You will see the standard website that represent most cities. It has link boxes to businesses. government agencies and other places of interest throughout the greater Columbus area, or does it?

The first thing I wanted to know is what e-mail address the website uses in their “contact” link. A vast majority of websites have a contact e mail account within their website so that visitors can either do business with the owner of the website or they can leave feedback for the author. I was curious to see if the e-mail addy above was within the contact link prompt.

In the case of this website, something really interesting happens when you click on the CONTACT prompt. Rather than going to an e-mail account, you are linked right back to the home page of the website. This is only the beginning. Right off the bat, I assumed that this website was a commercial ad supported site created as a revenue source for the owners of the site or the marketing firm that owns it.

After reaching a dead end with the contact link I decided to check this site out. I started clicking on the various links. In the beginning the site had the usual promotions of business and links to their home pages where they advertized their goods and services, or at least a certain number of them. Then I gazed over to the left hand column where an index of links was placed in a vertical row. The colums had such labels as “Car Dealers” Appliance Dealers” Doctors” “Attorneys” and so on.

Now, I would think that someone that went through all of this trouble to create this website, would have obtained a reasonable number of clients to link to under the label. What I found instead was, for a lack of a better term Gibberish or Doubletalk and in this one example, utter nonsense:

City Services

Pulaudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enimmagna dolor at lorem. Mauris. pharetra fer menurus estibu lum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci.


Now one would think that someone would. at least, have put a link to the police, fire department, courthouse or something besides whatever this is.  It only gets better.

In the top left hand corner is another link prompt labeled “Welcome home.” Out of curiosity I clicked on the link:

Now at first I thought I had re linked back to the original home page with more or less a dead link. That is, until I took a closer look at the link. It had changed from .COM to .ORG!

The websites were exactly the same in format and content. The contact link did the exact same thing the .com page did. It reloaded the home page.

It became abundantly clear that whoever owned this website published it without completing it. I began to think that the subject was somehow employed or contracted by the owner of the domain site. This would explain the individual’s abilities to tamper with content on the internet and the ability to alter multimedia content as well. Since this person had an e-mail account on this website, one would assume this would be the case.

Well, that is until I did a bit more checking around and came up with this gem:

Now, at first glance I thought I had found yet another version of the other two websites, WRONG!. This site had links that actually gave you information. All the links and tabs worked. There was valid and useful information throughout the entire page. And guess what? When I went to the CONTACT link, I actually got redirected to a page that had CONTACT information for the owner of the website, an internet advertising firm in Kentucky.

Now just for the heck of it I did a domain look up on the first two websites.

The websites are owned by the same person who is also the owner of a Real Estate company.The real estate company had a THIRD website promoting their real estate company.  Now this leads me to think that it is likely the same person who created the other two websites created this one as well. The format of the website is the same and  so is the domain provider.

The only difference is that the male half of the firm registered the real estate domain and the female registered the two Columbus domains. All three of these sites have been registered for quite some time yet the Columbus sites are, to put a polite term on it, “under construction. “

I am just a little baffled why someone would put up such a website rather than leaving it in edit mode until they had a better quality product to offer their clientele.

Now this brings us back to the e-mail address above. As I said earlier, this individual had an an account on this site. The ip did list the addy as going through which is is the cable internet service of Cablevision, a large cable multimedia provider in the United States. Cablevision has a large presence in Orlando.

Columbus is also within a short distance of where the subject of the E-mail lives. The individual could vary well work out of her home and develop these websites. While this is not a “fortune 400” company, it is large enough to provide a reasonably comfortable living creating and maintaining these websites for any number of clients. It would also explain her highly honed skills when it comes to the trickery she is known for on the internet.

And since this individual was part of the German Pornstar Hoax that was tried a year ago, it is safe to assume that she just might have something to do with this stunt as well.

If I were to publish the comment, I can almost assure you that another “stalking” claim would find it’s way to one or more of her many blogs.

Well, I am not falling for that one again. The comment remains in storage, unpublished, awaiting an expert opinion IF there is some of trickery being played out yet again.

Stay Tuned


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